One of the most common challenges for parents is trying to find a different style of birthday party to host.  With many different themes and ideas it can be hard to choose a theme that doesn’t mean a whole lot of work for you. Now lockdown is over there is a new party provider on the scence, Bubbleheads offering a unique party theme with you guessed it…bubbles. Bubblehead spokesperson Ulah Genevieve said, “We know many kids love bubbles so it made sense to create a themed party around this.

“We invented a bunch of different bubble games tailored to different ages from making bubble pies to playing dodge bubble,” said Ulah Genevieve.

Bubblehead parties are designed to be adaptable from in the park to an all out show at home and designed with different options for parents and children to choose from.Popular bubble parties include Rainbows and Unicorns to Circus style themes.”Bubble parties are best hosted on grass so the many parks of the Eastern Suburbs are suited to them. For more information on how to book a bubble themed party head to our Local Business directory 


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Bubble Party!