Raising kids is one of the most simultaneously rewarding and challenging tasks that life can present to you. There are the tantrums and the tears, the bickering and the squabbling. But at the end of the day, as you tuck them into bed and say goodnight, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Kids can enrich your life as nothing else can. 

And one thing you need to get used to as a parent is your kid growing up; it happens so quickly that you almost seem to blink, and they’re five, then ten, then fifteen and finally eighteen. And when they turn eighteen, they enter adulthood. A rite of passage that every eighteen-year-old should have is a big birthday party. This helpful article will share the parent’s guide to hosting 18th birthday parties. Read on to discover more. 

Get Them an Awesome Gift

You should consider some awesome 18th birthday present ideas to give them a fantastic present at their party. If you’re feeling particularly generous, a used or new car is the ultimate 18th birthday present. It is a symbol of their growing independence. Of course, this is not viable for all families, so don’t fret if you can’t afford it. Other great gift ideas include a bottle of excellent champagne, some top-shelf spirits, a ticket to a music festival or something to do with it if they’re into a particular interest or hobby. For instance, if they’re a budding artist, some art supplies would be great, or a DJ deck set if they want to be a DJ.

Let’s move on to planning the party.

Hosting at Home or Hiring a Venue?

You need to decide if you’ll host the big bash at home or hire a venue out for a night. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Let’s explore them.

Hosting at home will save you some money, as venue hire for parties can be expensive, especially if you put on a bar tab and have the event catered. You’ll save money by hosting at home and providing food and drinks. You might also create a warmer, more welcoming environment as you can decorate more than you would be able to if you hired a venue.

On the other hand, hiring a venue and paying for drinks and catering means you can relax and enjoy the party without worrying about serving food or drinks. Also, venues will have security present, which can be an excellent deterrent for gate-crashers, who can ruin a private party easily.

Be Mindful of Alcohol

An 18th birthday party often means that the young people attending will drink alcohol. Some guests may not have had much exposure to alcohol, and they will have a low tolerance. This can mean that all of the alcohol-related issues can arise, such as people becoming sick, people becoming maudlin, and people becoming aggressive. If you hire a venue, you can rest assured that the staff present should stick to its responsible serving policies in line with legislation. If you host at home, you need to take on this responsibility and ensure that no one has too much to drink and puts the good times at risk.

A good tip here is to ensure plenty of food and water are available and encourage attendees to eat plenty and stay hydrated, which will reduce the harm associated with excess alcohol consumption.

Music and Lighting

An 18th party should be happening, with loud music and a light show. You have a few options here. The budget option is to hire some lighting and a Bluetooth sound system and to set up a playlist on a device linked to the speaker. Let the birthday boy or girl pick their favourite tunes and have the volume loud. 

The more expensive option is to hire a mobile DJ, who will have their own equipment, such as the sound system and lighting. They should also know all the current popular hits on the charts and can spin a set full of bangers to which the young attendees can dance. 

That said, your kid might have a friend who is an aspiring DJ who can play the party for free or at a steep discount. You might be able to save some dollars this way.

Have Other Forms of Entertainment

You might want to consider other forms of entertainment at the 18th party, apart from the music. Some options include having a photo booth, a foam machine, or some party or drinking games to keep the guests entertained.

A Big Birthday Bash Conclusion

This helpful article has shared the parent’s guide to hosting 18th birthday parties. These tips should help you to plan the big bash ahead of time, so you can relax and enjoy the night. Your kid will have the time of their lives too.