Birthday parties are much anticipated events in our children’s lives and it can be hard living up to expectations without consuming hours of your time and money!  Here are some top tips to help you plan a party that’s fun for kids and easy on the parents!

1. Plan!

Talk to the birthday boy or girl to come up with a theme or idea based on something they love. It could be a sport they enjoy, a movie or television show they are into or a game they like to play with their friends. The more involved your child is the idea the more they will feel a part of the process and enjoy themselves more

2. Consider hiring a party entertainer.

Hiring someone to entertain the kids can take a lot of stress away from the parents and ensure all the guests, both big and small, have a great time. Kids especially love superheroes! Of course there are always new and upcoming favourites such as Elsa from Frozen, Commando and spy parties, old favourites like pirates and princesses and of course Pokemon is hot right now.

3. Select a suitable venue

There are some fantastic parks and venues in the Eastern Suburbs to choose from. Centennial Park, Waverley Park, Parsley Bay to name a few and of course there’s always home!

Check out more at https://www.easternsuburbsmums.com.au/sydney-eastern-suburbs/sydneys-eastern-suburbs-playgrounds-with-a-view

4. Go digital with invitations.

It’s much easier to track RSVP’s etc if it’s done by email. It also avoids hurt feelings if the guest list is restricted. Some parents use websites like www.evite.com to send and keep track of invitations

5. Keep the numbers of manageable!

Rule of thumb is to keep the number of guests the age of your child plus one once your child is aged three and over.

6. Party bags

If your party has a theme you can hook your party bag on to that theme and run with it! You can include lollies, small items of stationary, stickers etc or just one small gift. Think Harry Potter Bertie Botts Flavour Beans, Frozen blue and white trinkets, Superheroes cape or gadget, plant seeds to plant at home, water bottle for a sports party etc.

7. Prep your child on birthday etiquette in a positive way 

Have a pre-party chat with you r child about dos and don’ts. E.g. be sure to say thanks when receiving a gift, having fun opening the presents once the party is over, saying thanks and goodbye when the guests leave and perhaps being responsible for handing them the party bag.


For more tips or help with your child’s next party contact Superheroes Inc