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Leap frogs Action Sports, Games & Kids Party Packages

Leap Frogs Action Sports And Games is a company located in the heart of Botany-NSW and leaded by Michel Bonalume, who is a Physical Education Teacher, Post graduated in Exercise Physiology and gymnastics coach with over 13 years of experience within children’s sport, recreational and educational settings. We are specialised in children’s birthday parties and community events and we offer a variety of options to ensure your child’s special day will an unforgettable experience! All activities are catered to the child’s interests and are adaptable to children of all ages from and abilities, Indoor and outdoor settings. You may select…

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The Parent’s Guide To Hosting 18th Birthday Parties

Raising kids is one of the most simultaneously rewarding and challenging tasks that life can present to you. There are the tantrums and the tears, the bickering and the squabbling. But at the end of the day, as you tuck them into bed and say goodnight, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Kids can enrich your life as nothing else can.  And one thing you need to get used to as a parent is your kid growing up; it happens so quickly that you almost seem to blink, and they’re five, then ten, then fifteen and finally eighteen. And…

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Vitaland Alexandria: The best kids cafe in Sydney | Tasty Dine | Play & Learn | Birthday Party | Hours of fun!

VITALAND KIDS – Sydney’s most popular kids cafe, is now grand opened at Alexandria Homemaker Centre! You can feel the uniquely fresh and relaxed in this huge indoor space of nearly 800 square metres. With a variety of novelty toys and hottest entertainment facilities, no one could refuse to have fun here. There is no doubt that each photo you take here will capture the joy and happiness of your child in a world full of fantasy and dreamy. Vitaland gives you surprises from the entrance, you can find a huge ball pool, a 3D slide and an interactive projection…

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