Polarity Therapy at To Wonderland

Nestled in the quiet streets of North Bondi, To Wonderland is a hidden little paradise. Owned by local Mum of three Adie Robertson, her vision is to provide a well being day spa with a holistic approach. Treatments include facials, scrubs and wraps, naturopathy, massages and colonics.

Instead of my usual firm body massage, I chose an alternative treatment called Polarity Therapy. Traditional massage works on the body on a physical and structural level, whereas Polarity addresses the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the body. Being someone who likes to try anything new and different I was intrigued.

My therapist Shantell was softly spoken and calm making me relaxed before I even entered the treatment room. Lying down on the bed I soon drifted off into initial stages of relaxation – with some help from the infrared heating pad beneath me.

Polarity is all about the flow of life energy through the body and that this energy must flow through the body easily in order to maintain good health and balance. Shantell used her hands to scan my body for energy currents and release any blockages. This was via touch – light, medium or firm at key points – temple, head, foot and stomach. Whilst I was in deep relaxation I actually had no actual recollection if I fell asleep or not but felt like I’d been asleep for hours – for a busy Mum that’s all I needed!

Walking out the door I felt rejuvenated and restored. Whilst there wasn’t the usual post ache of a normal massage there was a sense of balance and increased energy to tackle an afternoon of crazy kids!

VERDICT: It’s Wonderful to try something different

Visit https://towonderland.com for more information.

Address:  71 Glenayr Avenue North Bondi