Years ago Rosebery used to be a mix of residential and industrial style buildings nestled between Mascot and Kensington. But when you drive through the leafy suburb it has clearly changed into a cool destination of restaurants, apartments, design stores and more recently home to Selph Health Studios – a rejuvenating and relaxing space.

An integrated wellness centre, Selph offers a blanket of services based on the importance of looking after one’s ‘self’. Chiropractor, physiotherapy, massage, nutrition, acupuncture and yoga are the treatments on offer. The team of health practitioners and yoga teachers has been carefully selected to care, support people on their physical and emotional journey to a balanced and health life.

We popped in to experience a Remedial Massage and a ‘Calm’ yoga class.

Upon meeting Rima – my remedial massage therapist I was instantly at ease. Telling me as I lay down that I was ‘in the driving seat’ and ‘communication was key’ to the best massage. What I experienced was a wonderful remedial massage that was relaxing whilst therapeutic for my tight muscles. A special focus included my triceps – which are often sore from lifting the kiddies for hours on end.

The next ‘me’ experience was a ‘Calm’ yoga class – otherwise know as Yin Yoga. Yin – is ideal for those Mums who have tight joints and muscles, as it involved holding a variety of poses for 3-5 minutes to loosen deep layers of fascia. Whilst being relaxingly intense (if that is possible), it’s also a challenge for the mind as your goal is to reach that magical 5-minute mark. Amy, my instructor was incredibly patient with the intimately small class through each pose.


esmyoga – enter this code for a free yoga class at https://www.selph.com.au/timetable/

esmvisit – enter this code for 20% off your initial consultation (excludes massage) with any Selph healthcare practioners


The next Mums and Bubs yoga series starts in January 2019.

VERDICT: This is the perfect space to look after your ‘selph’

Visit https://www.selph.com.au for more information.

Address: 2H Hayes Road, Rosebery