As winter sun shines in Sydney’s skies after weeks of rainfall, beach-lovers can swim safely at one more beach in the Randwick area, with the local Council announcing new off-season patrols at Clovelly Beach.

Randwick City Council professional Lifeguards will now patrol Clovelly Beach as well as Coogee and Maroubra beaches seven days a week, between sunrise and sunset.

Randwick Mayor Philipa Veitch said the decision to patrol Clovelly Beach year-round was made following a 2023 review of public visits to Council’s beaches, which found increasing numbers of swimmers using the beach in the off-season.

“Residents and visitors alike love to visit beaches in the Randwick Council area to enjoy the pristine coastal environment in this beautiful corner of the world.

“While its incredible to have an ocean playground on our doorstep, enjoying the water comes with risk, whatever the time of year.

“I’m so grateful for the expertise of our hard-working professional Lifeguards, and proud of Council’s ongoing commitment to ensuring public safety at our beaches, most recently by expanding year-round patrols to Clovelly Beach.”

Council estimates there have been 4.7 million visits to the area’s beaches since July 2023, with approximately 3.76 million visits in the spring and summer months.

Randwick City Council Lifeguards performed 648 rescues in spring and summer, administered first aid to 5,100 people, and responded to 102 major incidents, such as resuscitations, near drownings or drownings.

Lifeguards patrolled Little Bay Beach for the first time last summer and Malabar Beach for the first time in 20 years. This was in response to increasing public demand and a number of coastal drownings in these areas.

During the new patrols at Malabar and Little Bay Beaches it is estimated there were 350,000 visits to the beaches with Lifeguards performing four rescues, administering first aid to 959 people and undertaking 1,187 preventative actions.

Mayor Veitch said that the season’s data demonstrates extending patrols to Malabar and Little Bay provides critical public safety support and believes that the same is true for patrols of Clovelly Beach through the autumn and winter months.

“No matter which beach you visit, you can do so in the knowledge that our highly trained and hard-working professional Lifeguards are there to look out for you.

“Already lifeguards estimate that there have been 330,000 visits to Clovelly Beach since the summer season ended. They have performed nine rescues and administered first aid to 476 people visiting Clovelly in this time.

“If you’re visiting the beach in the Randwick Council area during what will hopefully be a beautiful Sydney winter, please ensure you swim at a patrolled beach and follow the instructions of the Lifeguards.”

Council urges people to remain safe by following the rules at the beach:

  • Always stay between the red and yellow flags and never swim outside them
  • Do not swim directly after a meal or if under the influence of alcohol
  • Only swim when the red and yellow flags are raised. If there are no flags, the beach is closed or unpatrolled – do not swim
  • Do not panic if caught in a current or rip. Raise one arm into the air to signal for Lifeguard assistance. Float on your back until help arrives.
  • Do not swim if unsure of surf conditions. Always seek the advice of a lifeguard or lifesaver.

more information from the Randwick Council can be found here.