Goldstein Reserve, adjacent to Coogee Beach, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is set for an upgrade, with a range of works to improve pedestrian access, facilities for beach users, and drainage, starting this week.

Works will include the installation of new showers at the northern end of the parkland, a new stormwater grate and paving, as well as 800 square metres of new turf to cover bare areas near the kiosk. Deteriorated tree pits surrounding Norfolk Island pines outside Coogee Oval on Arden Street will also be repaired as part of upgrades in the area.

The works will be carried out in three stages over several months, starting Monday 20 May 2024.

Details of each stage:

Stage 1 – Arden St tree pits outside Coogee Oval (expected duration: three to four weeks):

  • Replace deteriorated paving with new porous paving to eight tree pits located on Arden St outside Coogee Oval.

Stage 2 – Goldstein Reserve surrounding amenities and kiosk (expected duration: six to eight weeks):

  • Install a 600 x 600mm stormwater gate to minimise ponding and improve drainage behind amenities;
  • Relocate bicycle racks and install six new racks, and fix paving;
  • Lay turf over bare areas (approx. 800 square metres);
  • Mulch over the roots of trees near kiosk.

Stage 3 – New showers at the north end of Goldstein Reserve (expected duration: two to three weeks)

  • Install two new showers, including a water supply and drainage system, at the north end of Goldstein Reserve.

Noise, erosion and dust controls will be used to mitigate any adverse impacts on the surrounding community.

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