Meet Yoohee

Sushi Yoohee restaurant takes its name from its owner, chef and inspiration; Yoohee. On her return to Australia, Yoohee studied hard and received her Diploma in Early Childhood Care. However, recognising once again, Australia’s love for Sushi, while studying Yoohee worked hard in a number of Sushi kitchens saving her money for the day she might be able to bring the Sushi style preparation of her hometown Gwangju to the people of Sydney. And so from a small town of ‘giving and doing for others’ Yoohee is now ‘giving and doing’ for her customers. Only using the finest of ingredients in her commercial quality kitchen Yoohee now proudly prepares and oversees a rich variety of Sushi that would make her parents and townsfolk back in Gwangju proud.



Sushi Yoohee is prepared using only the freshest and best ingredients in our commercial, restaurant quality kitchen. Prepared by experts in the making of traditional Sushi, you will find the taste of Sushi Yoohee is unmatched. Sushi Yoohee is high on fresh ingredients and low on rice and can be prepared gluten free or to your specific dietary requirements as required. You can be assured of a full, wholesome and delicious taste with Sushi Yoohee because our sushi is prepared with maximum ingredients and minimum rice.Sushi Yoohee is like eating out at a quality sushi restaurant but enjoying the very best, most delicious and tasty sushi in the comfort of your own home or function.



From the exacting and precise preparation of the sushi itself to the quality of presentation you will find Sushi Yoohee is like no other sushi. Our kitchen goes to lengths to prepare and present sushi as much as an art form, as a delicious tasting meal. From kitchen to display to our take-away packaging everything about Sushi Yoohee is impressive. Our sushi chefs are here to demonstrate that ‘all sushi isn’t the same’.From our individual rolls – to impressive sushi platters catering for large groups or parties the presentation of Sushi Yoohee is always impeccable. For maximum ‘wow’ factor at your next party or catering event choose a Sushi Yoohee cake. Ideal to serve as a main dish for your party or as a replacement for a high calorie sugar-heavy traditional birthday cake. Sushi Yoohee presentation looks as good as it tastes.


Sushi Yoohee


Sushi Yoohee make both choosing and ordering easy and seamless. From ordering individual items to prepared meal requirements we have done all the thinking for you. Choosing from our ‘easy to order’ sushi menu to ordering an extra-special sushi for you and your guests is all part of our quality service. Our service levels extend all the way to your front door or delivery point as we want your order to arrive fresh, on-time and looking as good as it does when it leaves our kitchen. Choosing and ordering beautifully prepared, delicious to eat restaurant quality sushi to enjoy at home, office or party venue has never been easier or more convenient than when you choose Sushi Yoohee.




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