Nestled within the bustling precinct of Randwick lies a tranquil haven awaiting exploration. The Randwick Environment Park loop offers an immersive experience, with each step revealing a tapestry of our city’s natural wonders. Hit the trail and learn more about the local fauna and flora that await.

Getting started

The Randwick Environment Park loop begins and ends at the Randwick Community Centre off Munda Steet in Randwick. We started the walk on the trail next to the Community Centre, but you can always wander through the centre to begin (more on that later). The Loop is an experience for the whole family, with plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and explore the sounds and sights of our city – plus the boardwalk makes the Loop wheelchair, pram and bicycle-friendly.


The trail starts near the Randwick Community Centre and takes you across a boardwalk. Here, you’ll encounter the remarkable and endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub species. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like blue-tongue lizards, brushtail possums and snake-necked turtles. As you stroll, you’ll notice the first of 20 bird cut-outs placed around the park. You can scan the QR codes to learn more about each bird. Depending on the weather, the water level in the area varies, so sometimes the scrub might be wet while other times it’s dry.

An image looking out to bushland with a duck figurine in the middle


Keep following the trail to reach the second lookout, where you can take in the expansive wetlands. The mix of amber and green shrub looks particularly incredible against the setting sun and provides an amazing view of the local flora. Curve along the path and keep an ear out for the chorus of frogs. The area has allowed the frog population to flourish, and many species call the Randwick Environment Park home. Species range from the tiny Common Eastern Froglet to the larger Striped Marsh Frog.


Continue straight and enjoy the beauty of Wallum Banksias and the endangered Sunshine Wattles, before finding the second lookout. Take a moment to enjoy the serenity and check out the sprawling view of the Environment Park. Here you can also read about the Environment Park’s fire management systems. Many of our native plants adapt and regenerate after burning, and you can find out more about how we are working to reinstate some Indigenous fire management processes.

An image of a map of the Randwick Environment Park Loop walk


With so much to see and experience along the trail, here you can take a much-deserved break and enjoy the open grassy area. There’s space to sit and relax, as well as undercover BBQ and picnic areas. After enjoying a rest, follow the bend and begin the final leg of your journey.

An image of grassy and concrete area with barbecue and picnic areas


Take the steps up to the final lookout and get up close and personal with the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub before venturing through the Randwick Sustainability Hub. The hub is home to a Permaculture Interpretive Garden, an open grassed area and more spots for BBQs and picnics. The Sustainability Hub has six permaculture demonstration gardens and is also home to our monthly Saturday Circle, where we offer different sustainability activities.

An image of a sign to a permaculture garden