Are you or someone you know ≥20 weeks pregnant? Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia and The George Institute are seeking volunteers for a study measuring the quality of seatbelt fit and use among pregnant women.

Would the research project be a good fit for me?

We are looking for women aged 18 or over with a single or multiple pregnancy who are greater than or equal to 20 weeks gestation. They must be willing to attend one lab visit at NeuRA, in Randwick and be able to read English well enough to understand the consent form.

What would be involved in taking part in this study?

You will be invited to attend a 60-minute session at our lab in Randwick. There, we will ask you to sit in a mocked-up vehicle seat and researchers will assess your fit and use of the seatbelt. The assessment will include 3D scanning of your seatbelt fit, observations of your seatbelt fit, and taking photographs of you (from the neck down).

Will I be reimbursed for taking part?

You will be given a $25 e-voucher once you have completed this study.

How do I express interest?

If you would like to take part in this study, you can register your interest through this link.

For any questions or concerns please contact Luisa Bartsch (

The chief investigator of this project is Professor Julie Brown (

For more information visit: