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Open Day @ City of Sydney Pools

Make a splash into a healthier lifestyle, while enjoying the celebration of Summer Open Day at swimming pools across Sydney. Need a way to entertain the kids and have some fun with the family? Looking to chat with a health and wellbeing expert about positive lifestyle choices? Or want to stretch, meditate and relax in a yoga class? Then look no further than our annual Summer Open Days taking place at all six aquatic and leisure centres across Sydney – and the best part, it’s all FREE! There’ll be a wide range of activities, in-centre events, and giveaways and prizes…

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5 reasons your skin needs Desert Tomato

Thirsty Turtl’s Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème is the first skincare product in the world to feature native Australian desert tomato (aka bush tomato, Solanum centrale, desert raisin). This hero ingredient grows in the arid central Australian desert regions. This harsh climate causes the plant to produce powerhouse compounds that have known benefits for your skin. Alongside Desert Tomato, Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème features 5% niacinamide and green tea for instant skin brightening, hydration and soothing; and reducing the appearance of sun damage. Here are five reasons to love Desert Tomato for your skin: It is packed with different phenolic acids…

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7 Practical Self-Care Tips For Busy Mums

Everyone needs a bit of self-care, but none moreso than a busy mum. Whether you’re working or staying at home, have one child or five, there are so many priorities for a mum. If work is also in the mix, then daily organisation and problem-solving are absolute must-have skills. It’s no surprise that busy mums eventually hit a wall and go searching for self-care. The problem, many mothers don’t know where to start as they prioritise themselves so infrequently. But it doesn’t have to be this way; self care can be as simple as adopting new habits or taking a…

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5 Health Benefits of Taking a Break from Alcohol

It’s no secret taking a break from alcohol is good for you, but what happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol? Here we explore the top 5 health benefits of changing your drinking habits, whether taking a break or giving up alcohol for good. Better Sleep Your body’s physiological balance is fundamentally maintained by the sleep-wake cycle. When we add a few alcoholic drinks to our system, the body absorbs the alcohol into our bloodstream. The enzymes in our liver get to work and start to metabolise the alcohol, but it takes time… We have all been there….

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