Are you looking to mix up your regular workout routine and are ready for a challenge? (“Yes!” I hear you say). Then head down to Cairo Street, South Coogee. There are 210 steps beckoning for the tap tap tap of your sneakers.

Running up and down stairs is known as interval training. It’s a full body workout and is especially great for building up leg muscles and enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

If you like training outdoors and are looking to tighten and tone, a stair session may be a welcome new addition to your fitness program. The level of intensity is purely up to you. You can run the stairs one time or three times and when you need to catch your breath you can do so whilst admiring the spectacular ocean and cliff views that meander along the Eastern beaches.

Do you find the Coogee stairs to crowded and they can get crowded. Yet just further south is another (albeit not as long) set of stairs that you can tackle with fewer crowds. Find the top of them at Denning Street, across from Garie Place, then head down where you’ll connect onto Wisdom Street. Then, turn right onto Crana Ave, then back up Pearce Street to connect back to Denning Street. No matter which way you do the loop, you’ll be going up hill at one point or another!

The South Coogee Stairs are located 1.6km from Coogee Bay Road. It can be an enjoyable light run along the Coastal Walk track from Coogee beach to the stairs. If you’re looking for even more, the track provides the option of continuing further South to Maroubra or North to Clovelly and beyond.