With summer in full swing, the coastal walk can get pretty crowded. To steer clear of crowds and go off the beaten track , we’ve found five lesser-known areas for you to put one foot in front of the other.

Take the stairs
If you’ve spent anytime in Coogee, you’re well aware of how hilly it is. Regular exercisers are familiar with the South Coogee stairs near Cairo Street, but they can get crowded. Yet just further south is another (albeit not as long) set of stairs that you can tackle with fewer crowds. Find the top of them at Denning Street, across from Garie Place, then head down where you’ll connect onto Wisdom Street. Then, turn right onto Crana Ave, then back up Pearce Street to connect back to Denning Street. No matter which way you do the loop, you’ll be going up hill at one point or another!

Just south of the famous 'South Coogee Stairs' are some more stairs with less crowds. Great for leg day!

Go into the forest
We’ve been telling you about this walk for years, but still not many people go out of their way to enjoy it. We recommend you do – Fred Hollow’s Reserve is a beautiful walk through local forest. Look for the tiny red fairy door and enjoy the serenity in the heart of Randwick.

Look for the secret fairy door while you visit Fred Hollow's Reserve.

Skate to the markets
Here’s a little adventure that will keep everyone interested. Start at the Chifley sports fields and stop by the skatepark and let the kids have skate. Take a ball for a kick on the fields or just scooter or walk around the perimeter of the park – you may even see the local horse, who is kept in a paddock nearby. If you’re feeling adventurous, wander across Bunnerong Road, through the cemetery, which is home to Pioneer Memorial Park, where memorials of early pioneers and colonial citizens can be found. On the other side of the cemetery, you’ll approach the famous Market Gardens. These gardens, located in Phillip Bay, are among the oldest in the State, and have been managed by members of the Chinese community for over 90 years, passing from generation to generation.

The Market Gardens in La Perouse are worth a look!

Do the Environment Park loop
You might be surprised at how many people who live in Randwick City haven’t been to our Environment Park. It’s one of our best keep secrets. If you’re looking for a walk that doesn’t get too crowded and still offers an escape from the busy life, this is the one. Randwick Environment Park comprises 13 hectares of parkland, bushland and wetland. The bushland and wetland provide habitat for native birds, lizards, frogs and mammals. Take your binoculars and stay for a spot of bird watching.

A stroll through Environment Park is a beautiful way to enjoy our natural flora a fauna.

Get your heritage on
There are so many heritage listed homes and monuments in Randwick City, that listing them would be impossible. Exploring our City and seeing these gems with your own eyes is worth it! From beautiful sandstone homes to old retaining walls, turning circles, brick chimney stacks, and monuments, exploring the heritage parts of Randwick City will open your eyes to a city that you’ve never seen, even though you’ve walked through it many times. So, where do you start? Visit the NSW Government Heritage database.Although there are a lot of fields to enter – you only need to use two. Simply choose ‘Randwick’ from the drop down LGA menu and ‘Local Environment Plan’ under the drop down Heritage Listings tab, then press search. You’ll be returned with long list of heritage buildings in the Randwick Local Government Area. Choose a few in your suburb and go for a wander. Enjoy!

Our own Town Hall is one of the many heritage buildings in Randwick City.