Hippy runs and age 3 and 4 program that is all about parents! 

It helps you to become your child’s first teacher by implementing teaching techniques developed by HIPPY Australia. 

HIPPY is a FREE program delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. 

Here is a bit more information about our program and the 2 age groups……

What HIPPY age 3 looks like?

Fortnightly home visits to families by a Tutor/Mentor to deliver your HIPPY activity pack

Play-based activities 

3 activities per pack

Activities include:

Everywhere Learning

Monthly HIPPY Gatherings 

Seven FREE storybooks

A box of resources: A rule, texters, crayons, eraser, pencils, paper etc.  Everything is FREE, you keep all the resources supplied including the educational packs and story books. 

What HIPPY age 4 looks like?

Weekly home visits to families by a Tutor/Mentor to deliver your HIPPY activity pack

Five activities in each pack 

Activities include:

Everywhere Learning activities 

Monthly HIPPY Gatherings 

Weekly Tutor training 

Ten storybooks 


The HIPPY curriculum aims to be culturally responsive, proudly acknowledging and affirming the cultural identity of children and their families. We will pay special recognition to our own First Nations cultures, and the importance of inviting all families and children (no matter their background) to learn more.

Did you know…..

We are looking to gather expression’s of interest 2023 age 3 cohort.

If English is your second language then HIPPY is for you!

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander then HIPPY is for you!

If you would like to learn how to teach your child then HIPPY is for you!

If you would like your child to be more prepared for big school then HIPPY is for you!

If you like in the Eastern Suburbs then HIPPY if for you!

Early Years Learning Framework

HIPPY aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework so your child is on track with their learning and more prepared for big school. 

Work for HIPPY!

I will be employing 2 parents from the HIPPY program annually to help me deliver the program. 

Job Title: HIPPY Tutor

Site: HIPPY Maroubra

Hours: 9:30am-2:30pm

Days: Monday to Wednesday (School holidays off!!!!!)

Qualifications: No experience or qualification is required, HIPPY is looking to help parents gain skills and begin their journey back into to workplace. We will pay for you to gain a qualification in your chosen field. 2 year contract to help deliver HIPPY age 3 and age 4, drivers license and vehicle required. Must be enrolled into the HIPPY program to be able to apply for the tutor role. 

Contact Hippy Maroubra: www.hippyaustralia.bsl.org.au

Phone: 0482162690