Hi I’m Michelle, a mum of a two & a business owner of Mishfitsyd ladies fitness studio in Maroubra. 

I started bootcamp outdoors in South Coogee 9 years ago (I’m sure if you walked by the coast, you would have seen me there even in the middle of winter & during both my pregnancies).  After I had my son Kai (who just turned 5years old), I stopped working at a big gym & focused on my outdoors group training which also gave me more time with my boy. 

In July 2020 I opened up my own studio in Maroubra, the day before my little girl Lucy turned 1 (Crazy I know ha ha). Yes I survived 2x lockdowns running sessions via Zoom. 

Together with being a mum & running my own business, 2 things I absolutely love I do feel extremely lucky & blessed.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I’m originally from the Central Coast but after travelling the world & Australia as a professional dancer I ended up moving to South Coogee 10years ago. I said I would never move from the Eastern suburbs & l luckily met my partner (In the gym 😉 ha ha). The same year I started bootcamp… everything fell into place from then.  We now live in our beautiful home in Maroubra & I don’t think we will ever move. 

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

Beach, friends, lifestyle

How many children?

2 kids, Kai who has just turned 5 & Lucy who will turn 3 in July. 

Favourite Park:

We love heading over to Chauvel Green Park in Eastgardens next to Westfield shopping centre. It’s a nice open clean park & perfect for the young & a little older too plus there is a toilet right next door & a coffee shop too!!!

We also love going down to the playground in La Perouse, you can get takeaway fish & chips & cocktails from ‘The Boat Shed To Go’ while the kids play in the playground all with a beachfront view!

Favourite Beach: 

I don’t really want to share this but I will 😉 Since my 1st pregnancy I have been obsessed with Yarra Bay. The water is nice & calm & it is so easy to park with a very short walk & you’re on the beach!!   I know I’m a personal trainer but not having to walk too far while pregnant & with small kids really makes going to the beach so much better! Ps I did workout my whole pregnancies up to 40 weeks!!! Just so you don’t think I’m a lazy trainer ha ha.

Favourite kid friendly cafe: 

Well it’s probably not the most kid friendly but it’s still the best
& we take our kids there to because the food & coffee is so bloody good!!! Eksentrik café in Maroubra

Favourite Coffee Spot:  

Eksentrik café, Joseph’s coffee is so delicious & the little choc brownie that comes with it is just as good!!!

Favourite date night place: 

Kokoroya (Japanese restaurant)We have probably done way more home dates since the kids so Deliveroo has saved us ha ha  but it is the best Japanese.  Barmilano Maroubra for amazing Italian & for day dates The Boat Shed in La Perouse 

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to ?  

Even though my partner is a Maroubra boy & does not see why we should leave the bubble, I have been to Parsley Bay for a kids party & and really loved it so I would love to explore that area a bit more & maybe see if there is any other bays over that side. 

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs? 

More kids friendly cafes & restaurants. Bar Milano is pretty good for this as there is a lot of space so the kids can move around. But definitely some more cafes with kids play areas so us parents can eat or sip coffee & actually enjoy it.

Favourite Local Shop: 

By San Sebastian in Coogee, it’s the perfect little store for everything, You can buy clothes, shoes, presents for kids & lots of little nicknacks. 

Favourite wet weather location: 

Well we would most likely head to Westfield shopping centre just to get out the house & let the kids play in the play area but I’m thinking as Kai gets older this might not cut it!! Monkey Mania in Moore park has been great for the kids during wet weather days too. 

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity? 

In summer BEACH BEACH BEACH & in winter Heffron pedal park for the kids to ride their bikes & burn some energy. 

Work or SAHM? 

Work lets me do what I love which personally for me keeps me extremely happy & therefore I believe keeps me a better mum!! I was also lucky with both kids to have a lot of time off during the day with them as my work was early mornings & nights. Once they started day care when they were 1yrs old I had them home 2-3 days during the week days, Now that they are nearly 3 & 5 yrs old  & I have more classes & my fitness studio to run  I have them home 1 work day a week. 

Motherly advice?

Make sure you do something for yourself every single day!!!

It may sound selfish but I really believe that if you do  something for you ( and for me that was exercise or just move my body like a walk between workouts) you will be able to handle whatever your kids or baby will throw at you so much better because you have done something for you, release those happy endorphins