Dogs living in the Woollahra Council area are lucky pooches. Our four-legged fur babies (along with their owners of course) are welcome to explore some of the most stunning beaches, parklands and coastline in Sydney. While there are some paw-fect spots where dogs can enjoy energetic off-leash play, dog carers love taking their pups for on-leash strolls in our beautiful local area. Here are some favourite local dog walks in the Woollahra area and surrounds.

Rose Bay Beach and Promenade

Rose Bay is a pooch paradise. Rose Bay Foreshore (between Dumaresq Reserveand Percival Park) is pure doggy delight as hounds run free in the water and frolic in the sand. However, just a short walk away, there’s the magnificent on-leash Rose Bay promenade which winds along the picturesque marina towards Rose Bay Park and Bellamy Beach. Stop for a takeaway coffee at The Boathouse Cafe before strolling towards the parklands behind the Rose Bay Police Station. Keep in mind that this hidden patch of grass and sand is strictly an on-leash area but it offers such gorgeous views and gentle swells that dogs (and their parents) will have fun regardless.

Rose Bay promenade

A stroll along the magnificent Rose Bay marina promenade

Trumper Park

Trumper Park is a favourite local hidden secret to escape the hustle and bustle. A short ten minute walk from Edgecliff Station, this park consists of a series of walking trails connecting surrounding Paddington streets through regenerated bushland.

Dogs are allowed on a leash at all times in Trumper Park but just need to stay clear of Trumper Oval and the playground.

This is a paw-some spot to explore with your doggo, especially when the weather is warm, as the paths are beautifully shady. Your hounds will love sniffing out the foresty scents and poking around the majestic Moreton Bay Figs, with some trees estimated to be around 130 years old.

Follow the dog-friendly 1.6km circuit around Trumper Park to discover the highlights that this beautiful parkland has to offer.

Trumper park dog walk
Dogs love exploring the Trumper Park bushland

Christison Park / Federation Cliff Walk

The spectacular cliff walk between Vaucluse and Watsons Bay offers breathtaking scenic views of rugged coastline and blue ocean as far as the eye can see. The paved path is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike as well as their furry friends.

Start off at Christison Park, where dogs can run around off-leash from 3.30pm to 10.30am. Then pop the lead back on and take a slow (or more energetic) stroll along the path hugging the coast. Stop off at Lighthouse Reserve near Australia’s first and longest operating navigational Macquarie Lighthouse. Here, dogs can exercise freely and have fun woofing around with their doggy mates. Then, it’s lead back on and continue your walk along the coastal path towards Watsons Bay.

Christison Park dog walk
One of the best doggie-day adventures at the Lighthouse Reserve in Vaucluse

Rushcutters Bay

Rushcutters Bay Park is a beautiful harbourside park with a foreshore walk connecting to Yarranabbe Park. Dogs are welcome to enjoy this scenic grassland on leash any time but off-leash from 3.30pm to 10.30am.

The foreshore path hugging the marina is a popular dog walking spot and there are a couple of cafes along the way to grab a hot drink and a snack.

Once you reach Yarranabbe Park, dogs are free to roam off-leash, except near the kids’ playground.

Rushcutters Bay dog walking
A gorgeous scenic walk with your fur-baby in Rushcutters Bay Park

Steyne Park, Double Bay

Double Bay is a wonderful spot to bring your fur-baby for a stroll. Located on the foreshore of Double Bay, Steyne Park is a glorious dog-friendly area, where pooches (and their carers) come from all over the local area to make friends and play.

Most of the extensive grassy parklands is on-leash. But there is an area between the seawall and pedestrian path where dogs can roam free. You can also take your dog for a relaxing on-leash amble along the scenic Marine Parade walkway adjacent to Double Bay beach. BUT be aware that dogs are not allowed on the sand or in the water.  Check out the Steyne Park dog plan for more details about dog walking areas in this park.

Double Bay Steyne Park
Double Bay is a local paradise for dogs and their carers

More dog walks to try

While our doggies love exploring these special spots, there are so many dog-friendly areas within the Woollahra local council area. Check out some other places where you can take your dog for a walk.

Remember, you must keep your dog on a lead at all times when in public unless in a sign-posted off-leash area.  Read more about responsible dog ownership and our off-leash areas

Please take a bag or two to pick up your dog’s poo because no one likes stepping in it.

Read moron the Woollahra Municipal Council website.