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Five of Woollahra’s most splendid Significant Trees

Woollahra is home to some of Sydney’s most wonderful trees. The area’s rich heritage of private and publicly owned trees provide much of the beauty, character and history that makes the Woollahra local area such a desirable place to live. Some of the oldest and most unique trees are listed in the Woollahra councils Significant Tree Register (STR), to help them manage and protect them for future generations. Here are five stunning trees throughout the Woollahra council  local area that are recorded on the Significant Tree Register. Paddington Street (between Elizabeth Street and Jersey Road), Paddington Paddington Street is an…

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5 best spots to enjoy a picnic in Woollahra

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful parks in the local Woollahra council area. Grab some friends and a picnic and make the most of the great outdoors. Here are 5 of our favourite local spots to enjoy a picnic. 1. Blackburn Gardens There’s plenty of space to roll out a picnic mat in the luscious Blackburn Gardens. Set up shop under the shade of the beautiful fig tree. Make sure to pack your swimmers so you can go for dip at Murray Rose Pool. 2. Cooper Park Cooper Park is one of our local area’s best…

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Facial Rebirth: The Role of Facelifts and Blepharoplasty in Facial Enhancement

Standing the test of time: Imagine the subtle but undeniable journey of time displayed on your face —laughter lines revealing joyous moments, character lines showcasing life’s experiences. For many, this journey may prompt contemplation about facial rejuvenation. Does the mirror reflect a vitality that matches your spirit within? Have the effects of time led you to consider transformative procedures, such as facelifts and blepharoplasty; commonly referred to as eyelid surgery? The quest for facial rejuvenation often prompts individuals to contemplate these procedures. Facelifts and blepharoplasty are two popular cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing and rejuvenating facial appearance. They both involve…

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Exploring Rising Surgical Trends Of 2024 with Dr. Supra

As we usher in 2024, it is a natural time for introspection, a moment where many of us look back on the past year and ponder the resolutions and dreams we carry into the upcoming months. Whether it is a journey of personal growth, career aspirations, or the pursuit of health and fitness, the spectrum of resolutions is as unique as each of us. Amidst this contemplative period of self-discovery and goal setting, it is not uncommon for some of us to embrace resolutions tied to personal appearance. If you are considering aesthetic changes in the upcoming year, Dr. Senthil…

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5 Free outdoor Workouts in the Woollahra Council area

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, why not make the most of our beautiful local environment and take your workout outdoors. You don’t need a gym membership, most activities are free and they’re right at your doorstep. Here are five suggestions to get you motivated. 1. Try an outdoor gym Try a workout with a view at one of our outdoor gyms. You’ll find exercise equipment at Christison Park, Rushcutters Bay Park and Yarranabbe Park. The exercise equipment is different in each park, ranging from simple static equipment ideal for chin-ups, sit-ups and step-ups, to new interactive…

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Next recycle it Saturday is 25th of November 2023

What happens to items dropped off at Recycle It Saturday? Do you want to do the right thing for the planet by recycling your old lightbulbs, batteries, X-rays, unwanted clothes – but you find you never have the time to drive around to various drop off locations? The Woollahra  Recycle It Saturday event is for you! It’s a one-stop-shop for all your ‘problem waste’ recycling needs, and you don’t even need to get out of your car. The next event is on Saturday 25 November from 9am to 3pm at Alexandra Canal Depot and is open to City of Sydney, Waverley…

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Woollahra Spring School Holiday Activities

There are so many fun events happening during the Spring school break, from musical instrument craft, to a songwriting workshop, live music show, and two wonderful music-themed movies! And best of all, they’re really affordable and some are even free! School Holiday events at the Library: 27 Sept – 6 Oct Come along and enjoy our exciting events at Woollahra, Paddington and Watsons Bay libraries, where you can get involved in cartooning, stop motion animation, clay modelling, movies and more. Find out more and book. Some library activity highlights include: School Holiday Fun: Musical Craft Bring your home or garden…

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Recycle it Saturday

The Waverly Council, City of Sydney and Woollahra Council are organising a problem waste drop-off on recycle it Saturday Recycle a range of household items for free at problem waste drop-off events throughout the year. Problem wastes cannot be recycled through standard facilities and often require specific machines or processes to recycle them. Only certain materials are accepted at these events, so please have a look at the list of materials below. The next Recycle it Saturday event is open to residents of Waverley Council, City of Sydney, and Woollahra Council and is scheduled for: Saturday 26 August 2023 at the Alexandra Canal…

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Exercise equipment in parks in the Woollahra council area

Woollahra Council has three parks which offer fitness equipment, providing an opportunity to exercise and get fit outdoors. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just interested in exercising socially, residents of all ages can enjoy the outdoor fitness equipment. The exercise equipment is different in each park, ranging from simple static equipment ideal for chin-ups, sit-ups and step-ups, to new dynamic equipment featuring an Aerobic Walker, Body Twist and Hand Bike. Rushcutters Bay Park (New Beach Road, Rushcutters Bay) Located at the north western corner of the park near the pathway leading to Reg Bartley Oval this equipment is highly…

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Caring for our Environment’ Kids Truck Art Competition

The Woollahra council very popular Kids Truck Art Competition is back again this year. Local primary school students (K-6) are invited to create an artwork around the theme Caring for our Environment. The winning artworks will be printed on waste trucks for everyone to see! Caring for our environment means doing simple things every day that can help keep our planet in great shape. The theme is broad and kids are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity. Some potential themes kids might like to explore in their artwork include: Waste management, recycling or composting Litter and pollution prevention Protecting our…

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