Cass Spies

 Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

10 years but my hubbie was born in Coogee. (Go the Roosters!)

How many children:

Three, Leila 10, Lexington 9 and Josh 5

Favourite Park:

The playground at Bondi Beach is pretty special!

Favourite Beach:

Camp Cove

Favourite Kid Friendly Cafe:

The Bucket List in Bondi (outside) – but it has to be a quiet day!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

21 grams Randwick

Favourite date night place:

Rocker in Bondi (hands down..!!)

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Doing the coastal walk from Rose Bay along the cliffs to Watson’s Bay for fish and chips (and of course a quick wine at the back bar of the Watsons Bay hotel!)

Favourite Local Shop:

Jatali for fashion and Perfection Rose Bay for Chocolate!

Favourite wet weather location:

Home on the couch with the kids listening to the rain on the roof

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Kid Free…. A long and delicious summer lunch with my husband and best friends at Catalina’s (its like a once a year event… I don’t want to pretend I do it every week…!) and with the kids it the coastal walk to Watson’s bay with the kids on scooters that I just love doing on a Sunday.

Work or SAHM:

Work – in my own business – so I kind of never stop – just juggle it in between the rest of my life. I founded and manage my business Twisted Yoghurt which I launched in 2010.

I have a background and training as a food technologist and a love of quality food and wholesome ingredients so I got the ball rolling on Twisted Yoghurt.

Motherly advice:

Guilt is not a useful emotion to feel and serves no one.