Thirsty Turtl’s Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème is the first skincare product in the world to feature native Australian desert tomato (aka bush tomato, Solanum centrale, desert raisin).

This hero ingredient grows in the arid central Australian desert regions. This harsh climate causes the plant to produce powerhouse compounds that have known benefits for your skin.

Alongside Desert Tomato, Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème features 5% niacinamide and green tea for instant skin brightening, hydration and soothing; and reducing the appearance of sun damage.

Here are five reasons to love Desert Tomato for your skin:

  1. It is packed with different phenolic acids that provide a multitude of benefits – from reducing inflammation to reducing UV-induced aging.

  2. Desert Tomato shows a strong concentration of Cernumidine, an alkaloid shown to protect the skin against oxidative damage and premature aging.

  3. There are loads of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins and peptides – that are excellent for skin conditioning and improving barrier function. This aids in moisturising the skin and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

  4. The extract contains the elusive alkaloid Feruloyltyramine – rarely seen in plant extracts – that displays strong antioxidant action leading to depigmentation and skin brightening.

  5. It is sustainably harvested and supplied by an Indigenous business. So you can feel good about using Desert Glow every day! And consistency is the key to healthy-looking skin!

Thirsty Turtl skincare combines native Australian plant extracts with proven clinical ingredients. Thirsty Turtl is female and Indigenous owned and passionate about creating products that nourish the skin, empower rural and Indigenous communities, and support a healthier planet.

Powerhouse ingredients like Desert Tomato, niacinamide and green tea mean you can simplify your skincare routine and have more time for you!

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