Join us at the Randwick Council Library for a fun school holiday program full of poetry, creativity, art and craft for young adults. Bookings are required for all events.

  • Digital Illustration Workshop (for school years 4-8) – Bring your imagination to life in vivid detail while developing your digital art skills! Learn the fundamentals of digital illustration using the industry’s leading software Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Cost $5.
  • Monday Makers: Drawing Machines (for ages 12-18) – Make machines that can produce their own unexpected artworks! Your machine might make elegant geometrical lines or be brilliantly messy. At the end of the session, you’ll take home your machine and its creations. Free!
  • Wearable Circuits (for ages 12-18) – Learn how to design and sew a wearable circuit using conductive thread, fabric, lights and other components in this 2-session workshop. Create a badge, cuff, or any kind of wearable accessory you can think of that will light up your outfit! Cost: $5.
  • Introduction to Python (for ages 12-18) – This fun workshop will provide high school students with a simple introduction to concepts in coding, with syntax that is easy to learn and understand. Topics covered include ‘If statements’, ‘Variables’ and ‘Loops’. The workshop is run by CSESoc CompClub, a group of passionate computing students from UNSW who focus on ensuring quality technological education is accessible and inclusive for all high school students. Free!
  • Poetry Slam Workshop (for ages 12-25) – Work with a professional performance coach to create your own performance piece and find new ways to express your ideas. Join in some theatre and writing games to spark your imagination. A talented spoken word performance coach will facilitate this workshop. Free!
  • Australian Poetry Slam Competition Heat (for all ages) – Join the audience or sign up to perform at our Poetry Slam heat. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time performer or a spoken word aficionado – just rock up, ready to write down your name and give a breath-taking performance. Great prizes are awaiting the top three performances. Free!

Discover our school holiday program of events for young adults and secure your spot today.