Today’s three year olds don’t remember a world without Covid restrictions.For them, even small signs of things getting back to normal are a big deal.

 At least it seemed that way earlier this week at the grand reopening of the Woollahra Libraries Double Bay slippery slide, which closed in March 2020 due to public health restrictions. 

On the morning in question, a small crowd of toddlers formed a somewhat orderly queue, cheering as library staff removed the big red ribbon. Nicholas, a local three year old, and his mum Victoria got there early and were lucky enough to be first in line. Despite the fact that nobody had gone down before him, Nicholas still demonstrated safe sliding by counting to five (and even a little bit further). Then he sat down and, with a bit of encouragement from mum, who ran down and called him from the bottom, he took off.

 Judging by the look on Nicholas’ face – and the number of times he ran back to the top – his first ride was a big hit. Luckily, the slide is open from 10-11am and 3-4pm every day, and is supervised by library staff, so he can always come back. 

 There’s also plenty for kids to do at Woollahra Libraries Double Bay, with a great children’s collection, the Secret Garden Play Area and the Beehive craft area. Depending on their age, there are also regular Book Babies, Rhyme Time, Story Time and Mini Makers events. Check the library program for more details.


And if Nicholas is anything to go by, they’ll come for the slide and stay for the books. “Thanks for taking my photo,” he told the photographer. “Me go read now.”