Through dance, young boys and girls learn to coordinate and control their bodies through spacial awareness. Elise Kiely, the owner and director of Dance Mode Studios in Vaucluse mentions, “in addition, it gives children a chance to express emotions, such as joy and excitement and is a valuable release of their energy,” noting that it gives children a chance to shake off bad moods and enjoy being imaginative and creative. Benefits of kids dance classes don’t just end there, Elise says through her 15 years as a dance teacher she has seen “children’s self-esteem and self-confidence build and feel more comfortable in their own skin.”

Elise has created a studio that encourages children and gives them the opportunity for this self-development. Her studio guarantees fun and laughter, through the love of dance. These Summer holiday’s Dance Mode Studios is holding workshops to give more children a taste of dance and all its benefits. The workshops include dance, fun games, movies and arts & crafts.

13th & 14th December 2021, 2-5pm $55/day

20th & 21st January 2022, 11-5pm, $75/day

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Offer for Eastern Suburbs Mums: 2 Weeks Free Trial in 2022

Dance mode studiosDance mode studios