As many of us edge into the middle stages of our lives, our parents are also stepping into a new period and sometimes this means they require extra care and support. We can be understandably reluctant to relocate our parents to a residential aged care home, so a dilemma arises. How can we advocate for their independence at home but also ensure they are receiving the care, support and companionship they need? At Regal Health, we can provide you with the perfect solution – Here are FOUR reasons why you should consider a Home Care Package with us.

  • 24/7 Care

Our experienced team of carers, support workers and nurses can provide a full range of 24 hour services to help keep your loved ones safe and independent at home. It is common to feel anxious about leaving someone vulnerable on their own overnight, and we can quell these fears by ensuring they are not alone overnight. Our 24 hour aged care services are also available for post-operative care, respite care and ongoing care to allow our loved ones to live safely in their own home.

  • Low Cost

Regal Health ensures there is absolutely no wait time in accessing a home care package with us. We can assist you from day one to navigate government websites, assessments, package allocation and package activation. We understand that home care can sometimes cause financial difficulties, which is why we charge no exit fees, and ensure our admin costs are low (up to 25% less than other service providers) so that this money can be allocated to more care hours.

  • Dedicated Staff

We have an amazing community here at Regal Health. We ensure that our staff are trained to provide top quality care to each client, and feel supported outside of traditional working hours, which is what makes Regal so special for both clients and staff. A recent quote from one of our incredible staff members said:

“To know that my job can enable people to live safely, independently, and add some happiness to their lives is what my job is all about.” Pascal (Support Worker)

  • Eastern Suburbs Availability

We have Regal Health support workers and nurses  based in the Eastern Suburbs, allowing us ease of mobility when visiting our clients  quickly and reliably. We operate Sydney-wide  and have the benefit of cross city services and support across the Sydney metropolitan area. 

Do you know someone who could work at Regal Health?


We currently have support worker positions available in the Eastern Suburbs. If you or someone you know are looking for a flexible job in a caring, inclusive work environment then this could be a perfect opportunity. 

Our support workers provide care and social support to enable Regal clients to live safely in their home environment and the community. We can guarantee working hours and can build shifts around staff availability. We are always on the lookout  for enthusiastic staff who care as much as we do about supporting our community.

Please visit our website to view our current opportunities in casual, part-time or full-time work.

Contact Regal Health today to start your Home Care Package journey or apply for a position with us.

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