Love it or hate it, running is an easy, cost-effective way to exercise. We were born to run, right? But when is it safe to start running again after childbirth?

Year in, year out, as the temperature starts to drop in Sydney, you start to notice people running EVERYWHERE!

And unless you’re new to the area or have been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the City2Surf, the iconic fun run that covers 14km of turf starting in the CBD with most of the route going through the Eastern Suburbs, finishing in our own back garden of Bondi Beach.

Many say it’s the unofficial start to the summer as it’s usually a beautiful day and this year it takes place on Sunday 13th August. Then just over a month later, on Sunday 17th September, the Sydney Marathon hosts a 3.5km family fun run. Both fantastic family friendly events for all members of the family to join in.

Running is a (relatively) easy, low-cost form of exercise with huge benefits for your mental and physical health. Nothing beats putting on a good playlist, lacing up and soaking up those post-run endorphins to help improve your mood and reduce stress.

But after childbirth, the thought of even a light jog, may bring a whole new wave of anxiety for some women. “What if I pee myself?” “Why does it feel heavy when I run?” “My boobs hurt when I run” – all valid concerns which could easily get you taking your runners off and stuffing them at the back of the cupboard again.

On the other hand, some women will feel fine, lace up and hit the pavement with no issues initially but may well be asymptomatic which could lead to complications later down the line.

If you’re considering entering the City2Surf or would like to get back into running, click here to find out how to start running safely and download your checklist for returning to running, exclusive to Eastern Suburbs Mums readers.