VITALAND KIDS – Sydney’s most popular kids cafe, is now grand opened at Alexandria Homemaker Centre!

You can feel the uniquely fresh and relaxed in this huge indoor space of nearly 800 square metres. With a variety of novelty toys and hottest entertainment facilities, no one could refuse to have fun here. There is no doubt that each photo you take here will capture the joy and happiness of your child in a world full of fantasy and dreamy.

Vitaland gives you surprises from the entrance, you can find a huge ball pool, a 3D slide and an interactive projection screen. However, the most enchanting thing is that when you come to Vitaland, you will feel like you have entered ‘a mini city’, with all kinds of minis and cute experiences, such as a simulated supermarket, a simulated dress-up, a simulated kitchen, a simulated career and so on. Of course there is also a wide range of activities, like fishing, slides and building blocks and more!

The most noteworthy thing about Vitaland is that you can also find a carousel and a choo-choo train, which are rarely found indoors! Not every indoor playground can do this!  Vitaland have provided the same effect as the outdoor playgrounds in terms of music and spinning experience.

Vitaland have a variety of themes and a “mystery character” to celebrate your child’s birthday! Isn’t that sweet! Three large party rooms to choose, you can have your own theme for your birthday party, or you can decorate it yourself!

In order to give each family the best food and taste, Vitaland is very strict about the food, from food selection, to processing, to ensure each dish is both delicious and delight to customer.

The good thing about kid café is that, it treats your child as the ‘main character’ rather than ‘just a kid’. You don’t have to worry about what she/he can or can’t eat, because you can have exclusive food menu here, you don’t have to worry about the corners of the table, because they are safe; you don’t have to worry about your baby messing up and crying, because they are having lots of fun! – the best thing about kids cafe is that the little ones play while the adults can also chat and relax, a rare moment of leisure!

Invite your friends or family to come and play at Vitaland Alexandria today!

Address: Shop 11, Level 1, Homemaker Centre, 49/59 O’Riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015

By the way, there is free parking all day long!


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Instagram: @vitaland_kids_cafe_alexandria