Rockpool Ramble might be the funnest, slimiest and the most educational activity in Sydney this school holidays.

The events, organised by Woollahra Council, pair groups if kids (4+) and parents with marine biologists, who guide them to secret beaches to get up close and personal with the creatures living in our harbourside rockpools.

Octopus in hand

Taking place in Vaucluse on Tuesday April 19 and Sunday April 24, the Rockpool Rambles are truly hands on, giving children the opportunity to safely see and touch creatures like sea stars, sea hares, sea snails, anemones, urchins and cunjevoi.

“We try and get beyond ‘yuck’,”says Will Jones, head marine biologist at Marine Discovery Bondi, who leads the tours.

“That’s the natural reaction, especially for adults and teens, but little kids move very fast from ‘ew’ to ‘that’s cool!’.”

But Rockpool Ramble also has a deeper purpose: to teach children to understand and respect our marine environments.

“It’s about creating value in the environment, care about it and value it, while seeing how things are all connected – stormwater, plastic pollution, global warming,” says Jones.

“But it’s fun and that’s the key component. It’s so fun to see these creatures and learn about these environments, and it’s special to find these secret spots in Sydney where you can go and learn and investigate. Kids are natural little scientists.”

Octopus in Hand

Rockpool Ramble costs $5. Bookings are essential [For tickets click here] and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

You can find the full list of Woollahra Council’s school holiday activities here [].