Acupuncture to Support Women Throughout their Transition into Motherhood

Preconception Care & Early Pregnancy 

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine work in unison to prepare the body for conception and pregnancy. Preconception care at The Dao consists of Acupuncture treatments to support the menstrual cycle, support ovulation, undertake any necessary investigations including functional pathology in an integrative healthcare setting. If a patient is in a couple, we encourage both parties to begin their preconception acupuncture treatments at least 3-months before planning to conceive to optimise the quality of her eggs and improve sperm health. However, our Preconception treatments can commence as soon as a couple begins trying to conceive. For couples undergoing natural or assisted fertility, we help to support and navigate the challenges here in an integrative setting. 

 “ Everyone’s journey can be unique and often we see mum’s-to-be undergoing IVF treatments by themselves or same sex-couples embarking on their fertility journey and we can support them each step of the way ”  Clarice Berry, TCM Practitioner at The Dao Said.

Aside from acupuncture treatment, we discuss certain diet and lifestyle changes to optimise fertility and prescribe essential supplements needed to optimise fertility, support ovulation, implantation, and pregnancy.

 “As a practitioner, we are usually one of the first people that our patient instills their trust to tell. Together, we navigate the initial weeks, aiding with any morning sickness, fatigue & general quality of life.” Molly Burton, TCM Practitioner at The Dao said 

Tri 2 & 3  

Acupuncture has proven to be a safe and effective modality to support women throughout their entire pregnancy. It provides a ‘drug-free’ method of relief for a variety of symptoms that accompany pregnancy, including; morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, reflux, muskloskeletal pain and low energy, as well as providing some much-needed stress relief.

Throughout, Trimester 2 & 3, we often suggest monthly check ins with their Acupuncturist, alternatively if their symptoms are persistent we advise more frequent treatments. 

Labour Preparation

Labour Preparation and Acupuncture treatment begins at 36 weeks and is scheduled weekly to full term. We work closely with our patient’s team of care, including their midwife and Obstetrician throughout their third trimester. Labour Induction treatment is then offered at full term and when the patient is over their due date to decrease the need for medical induction.

During our labour preparation treatments, we will discuss evidence-based research articles on the benefits of acupuncture for labour preparation, teach you specific acupressure points to aid natural labour & provide natural pain relief and discuss other tips and tricks to help get things moving along at home. These labour-prep treatments aim to soften the pelvic tendons, ripen the cervix, support the baby to descend into the pelvis and if needed; help to rotate breech babies and aid optimal foetal positioning for labour and birth.

“It’s so important to us that we not only support a woman’s body as it prepares for labour in our treatments but also provide our patients with tools they can continue to use at home” ~ Berry said. 


The Traditional Eastern practices that place emphasis on the mother’s recovery in the postpartum period, are often lost in our western culture; it’s our responsibility as Chinese Medicine practitioners to educate soon-to-be mothers on the importance of restoration and nourishment in their first 40 day’s postpartum. 

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, the 9-month period of housing a growing baby is very taxing on the mother’s energy (Qi), blood (Yin), and warmth (Yang), and these vital substances are further depleted during the strenuous process of labour and birth.

We ensure new mothers are supported with Acupuncture in their fourth trimester and take adequate rest to enhance their body’s innate ability to recover from vaginal delivery or cesarean section, including cesar-site healing, abdominal-wall separation, and ensure they have adequate milk supply to nourish their newborn. We also provide thorough postpartum care information to continue at home, including, nourishing recipes to help support recovery, mental health check ins, and other tips to get the mother back to optimal health. 

The Dao Health’s door is always open to support anyone’s fertility journey. We can meet you at the beginning, halfway, or even at the end for Labour Preparation, it is never to late to integrate acupuncture into your healthcare team. 

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