HSC English demands a lot out of our teenagers. It starts off the HSC final exams in 2 hour blocks, and asks kids to write 3 – 4 1000 word essays in that time. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many students find it hard to excel in English. So how does this one tutoring company in Woollahra, NSW manage to pump out state ranking students year after year? And what can us parents learn from them to help our kids? 

The secret to Concept Education’s excellence: 

Out of 78,000 students that take English in NSW, only 20 will get state ranks for English Advanced. And yet, Concept has managed to land 3 NSW English state ranks, with all of their 300+ students so far all achieving band 6’s. An inspection of their impressive team and reviews makes it clear. 

State ranking tutors 

Concept’s team is composed of state rankers and 99+ ATAR tutors. It’s clear that to land those top marks, the education provided needs to come from those who excelled in the system, and know its ins and outs. Their learning is also accessible, with exam-focused preparations in the form of state-ranking resources readily available in their curriculum. This allows nervous teens to access the best material out there and have less test anxiety. Their reviews [https://www.concepteducation.com.au/] elucidates why their education works well: 


“Concept has helped me so much with my English, allowing me to rank 1st in my cohort! English isn’t about a “cheat-code” and cannot be mastered in a day…” – Ofelia Zhao

5/5 ⭐


13th in  NSW English Advanced

Castle Hill High School, Class of 2021

“Ever since I started my classes with Morgan my English, my marks have greatly increased. She clearly has an insane level of understanding of every text I studied…” 

5/5 ⭐


– Eiliya Nasseri, Killara High School

“The tutors at Concept are truly the best in NSW … As a parent, it is really important to us to know that we can trust teachers to guide our child in the right direction…” 

5/5 ⭐


– Michelle Xiao, Parent 

High achieving team

Internally, their team is full of hard workers who coordinate together to run this well-oiled engine. The reviews of employee’s comment on “absolutely incredible work environment” with “passionate tutors”, so it’s easy to see how this ethic transfers to students. 

A snapshot of the state-rankers at Concept Education.

Accessible Zoom learning 

In today’s digital age, learning has evolved, and so have Concept. Their commitment to online tuition through zoom means distance is never a barrier to quality education. Real-time interactions and personalised attention means students are never lost, and have the confidence to achieve Band 6’s. 

How can I help my child excel? 

Concept offers either private tutoring, or group tutoring depending on your child’s needs. Some of the bonuses of these courses include: 

  • 10x weekly classes
  • 2x additional private lesson credits
  • 2x free essay marking credits
  • State-ranking course material
  • Access to course booklets
  • Access to google drive of resources
  • Access to lesson recordings

Furthermore, their premium package discounts up to 10% per term if you want your child to get ahead in both English and Math. This deal allows your child to further their education tremendously, so don’t miss out. 

To join this academic powerhouse that is Concept Education, contact them to schedule a free consultation and discover how their tutoring services can make a difference in your child’s HSC. Don’t let limitations hold them back – with Concept Education, the possibilities are endless.