The hottest trend in the cosmetics field has just arrived in Australia for the summer and those wanting the look can get it right away with the lip flip. 

According to Dr Vivek Eranki, CEO of Cosmetique, the lip flip is a technique that is achieved through placement of Botox into the edge of the lips to create a sumptuous lift of the lips.   It is a natural yet stunning look that accentuates the pout and makes the lips look fuller, more defined and incredibly luscious.

“The lip flip is a popular cosmetic treatment in Australia, arriving from America where celebrities are showcasing their accentuated lips as a result of this easy yet incredibly dramatic lip technique,” Dr Eranki said. 

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What’s the difference between lip fillers and the lip flip? 

“There is a lot of confusion around the difference between lip fillers and Botox.  Lip fillers use a type of dermal filler, usually a synthetic hyaluronic acid, that is injected into your lips to increase their volume.  We use high quality premium longer lasting filler for better results,” Dr Eranki said. 

“Lip fillers are not the same as Botox, they are different products. Botox is an injectable that relaxes muscles.   Botox is used to create the lip flip effect.”

What is the lip flip 

“The lip flip is achieved by injecting Botox into the corners of the mouth, and below the cupids bow on the upper lip. This treatment helps to relax the top lip, letting it flip out, hence the name.  By itself, the result is a more natural look than the fuller effect of lip filler,” Dr Eranki said. 

“Most women are coming in to get both filler and the lip flip.   Lip filler provides more volume and the Botox treatment helps to achieve the flip effect.   Together, the look is more dramatic, sumptuous and provocative.”

Who should get a lip flip?

“The lip flip gives you the illusion of fuller lips by enhancing their natural shape, so those who want a subtle change to their looks will enjoy the benefits of the lip flip without needing to undertake lip filler as well.  The Botox lip flip prevents your upper lip from thinning or disappearing when you smile so it is ideal for those with thinner lips too,” Dr Eranki said. 

“For women who enjoy the fuller look of lip filler, the lip flip is also ideal as it creates a great overall well defined voluminous pout.   Given we are heading into the festive season, now is the time to book in for filler and the lip flip.”

Benefits of the lip flip 

“For a natural looking pouty look, the lip flip helps you look your very best without the fuller effect of lip filler.  As a quick non-surgical procedure, it requires no downtime at all, and has minimal to no side effects, other than looking better than usual,” Dr Vivek added. 

“The results of a lip flip can last up to three months, so you’re definitely getting great value out of your treatment too.

“For those who enjoy the fuller more luscious look, the lip flip teams up well with lip filler to exaggerate the effect of fuller lips.”

Choosing the right clinician

“Due to the lip flip being such a precise treatment, I strongly urge you to make sure that you’re only booking your appointment with an expert in the industry. An inexperienced technician could end up injecting too much Botox into your upper lip, relaxing the muscles too much and giving you a flat smile instead! It could even affect how you eat and speak!” Dr Eranki warned. 

“As one of Australia’s leading cosmetic clinics, we’re always at the forefront of industry trends, which is why I’m giving you this little hint about the lip flip, so that you can get in before anyone else catches on and it’ll be our little secret!” 

About Dr Eranki

Dr Vivek Eranki is the CEO of Cosmetique. He holds several medical qualifications, retired from medical practice in 2021 and works exclusively in executive and directorial roles. Before founding Cosmetique, Dr Eranki amassed extensive experience in the health and wellness industry having founded and scaled allied health clinics, occupational health clinics, general and specialist medical clinics, licensed day hospitals and cosmetic clinics.




Instagram: @vivekeranki

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