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Biggest lip beauty trends sweeping the nation

As Aussies buckle up in response to cost of living challenges, the beauty and cosmetic injectables industry is enjoying a strong uptick in sales as consumers reach out for ‘feel good’ services to overcome the financial doldrums.  “Across the board, Cosmetique is experiencing a consistent rise in enquiries and bookings for cosmetic injectables.   In particular, lip filler and Botox are extremely popular,” Dr Eranki said.  Dr Vivek Eranki, is the founder and CEO of Cosmetique, a leading Australia-wide brand of beauty, injectables and laser hair removal clinics.   Treatments such as lip fillers, laser hair removal, dermal fillers and…

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The lip flip: what is it and how do you get on board the latest trend

The hottest trend in the cosmetics field has just arrived in Australia for the summer and those wanting the look can get it right away with the lip flip.  According to Dr Vivek Eranki, CEO of Cosmetique, the lip flip is a technique that is achieved through placement of Botox into the edge of the lips to create a sumptuous lift of the lips.   It is a natural yet stunning look that accentuates the pout and makes the lips look fuller, more defined and incredibly luscious. “The lip flip is a popular cosmetic treatment in Australia, arriving from America…

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