Taking the stress out of solids

Just when you start peering your head above the sleep-deprived cloud that comes with having a newborn baby, you think you can breath a sigh of relief and drink a full cup of hot coffee…But not so fast, now it’s time to start your baby on solids.

Starting your baby on solids can be an extremely time consuming and overwhelming process. Finding time to regularly peel, steam and puree a variety of vegetables, on top of everything else a mother has to do, is a lot to ask.

What if there was one product that takes all the hard work out of it, without compromising quality? A new local business in the east has launched called Nourishing Bubs which has been developed by a local accredited dietitian Olivia Bates.


Olivia has developed a range of single vegetable purees, frozen into easy-to-use individual portions. Each of the 10 vegetable options, including broccoli, beetroot, peas, cauliflower, parsnip, carrot, pumpkin, capsicum and sweet potato are picked and peeled, before being cooked and pureed into a smooth consistency, making it the perfect first food for your precious baby.

“I saw an opportunity in the market whereby time poor mums wanted to feed their babies nutritious healthy meals but were often forced to buy supermarket shelf product which now and then is fine but overall the nutritional quality is not great for babies as these products often have lots of unnecessary additives, “said Olivia.

“What’s concerning are the lack of fresh options for parents looking for pre-prepared solutions. Everything is sold in shelf stable jars or pouches and even the vegetable options are sweetened with fruit. Nourishing Bubs is snap-frozen to extend the life of the product without the need for nutrient-destroying heat treatment and uses only locally-grown Aussie veggies … And nothing else.”

The benefits of Nourishing Bubs products are:

No sugar

No salt

No fruit

No thickeners

No preservatives


Whilst there’s no denying the pouches currently on the market are convenient, the process by which they are able to be shelf stable, destroys all the nutrients and good stuff, leaving you with nothing more than a bag of kilojoules. Nourishing Bubs frozen vegetable purees are just like you would prepare at home, so you can be sure you are serving your baby a nourishing, wholesome meal of real food packed with nutrients. All you have to do is pop out a cube, warm it, and serve to your baby.

Lisa Wipfli, local Queens Park mother of two, and wife to radio personality Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli loved this product so much that she had to be involved.

When Olivia showed Lisa the product, the first thing that came out of her mouth was ‘this is pure genius. I wish this was around when I was starting solids with both my babies. The time I spent pureeing vegetables and not knowing the portions to serve to the boys, resulted in a lot of time wasting and over thinking.’

Olivia and Lisa are now business partners and hoping to make parents lives just that little bit easier with some help from Nourishing Bubs.



Nourishing Bubs can be purchased online at www.nourishingbubs.com or at Parisi’s Rose Bay.

We would love you to try the Nourishing Bubs range at a special 20% discounted rate for Eastern Suburbs Mums. Enter the code ESMUMS at
the check-out at www.nourishingbubs.com