Take the stress out of underwear

Mum life is a busy life. Juggling car keys, toddler’s, multiple bags and tantrums can be very demanding.

But a revolutionary new product developed by an Australian mum wants to take the stress out of periods and light bladder leaks. Childbirth can be very demanding on your Pelvic Floors so we understand that those belly laughs, morning runs and sneezes can be terrifying.

The idea for Modibodi came from CEO, Kristy Chong who after her second child when she was running and realised she didn’t want to have to wear a pad whilst exercising. Kristy wanted discreet protection, whilst knowing she was secure. Cue the idea for Modibodi! 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leaks.

Aside from performing Kegels, you can train your pelvic muscles by stopping your urine midstream and starting again or tightening the muscles in your bum.

Modibodi is still there to protect you when you’ve forgotten your panty liners. We’ve all run out the door forgetting something very vital when our friends are slightly too funny and you realise don’t have any protection from LBL. That forgotten toiletries bag has surely starred in many nightmares
featuring embarrassing flashbacks.

Undies are something you definitely put on in the morning and with Modi-Bodi, you’ll never be caught out on the fly. Designed to protect you from life’s little mishaps, snort-laughing, and trampoline bouncing, you’ll never have to worry about hygiene again.

We’re for stronger pelvic floors and leaky life-giving boobs. We’re down with our discharge, even prouder of our pregnancy shows, and you betcha – runaway bladders are welcome here too.

But more than anything, Modi-Bodi is about giving women the confidence to take on the day. 

Our tip for a Modi-Bodi product to try?

Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini Heavy

The Sensual High Waist Bikini is a best selling style that you won’t want to keep for that special occasion. This style is a must for those in serious pelvic floor training or for overnight protection from periods and keeping the sheets stain free!

[1606] Women of the Future Dinner

For: Using alone on heavy period days, or overnight for protecting your white sheets, boom!

Flow: 15-20 ml = 2 tampons and 3 teaspoons

Feels: Sustainable and super safe! Use these babies solo on medium-heavy period days and keep snug as a bug for overnight leaks

Your impact: Less disposable pads, liners and tampons = positive change for every bodi

Total confidence in your undies to protect you on those super busy days!

For more info on Modi-Bodi and how to order https://www.modibodi.com/