Residents in the City of Randwick have taken recycling to new heights with the help of an on-demand home collection service for problem waste. 

Randwick City Council partnered with Sydney-based startup RecycleSmart in September 2019 to offer free recycling subscriptions to local residents. 

The service known as a ‘Power Pickup’ offers all residential addresses in the Randwick LGA on-demand collection of tricky-to-recycle items: items that are recyclable, but cannot be recycled when disposed of in any of the household bins (i.e. soft plastics, e-waste, clothing, and misfits such as batteries and bulbs).

In the month of May, residents surpassed the milestone of 30,000 kilograms of waste diverted from landfill since the introduction of RecycleSmart, which equates to roughly 17,500 reusable shopping bags filled with recyclables. 

“We are so impressed with the efforts of Randwick residents, who have shown their commitment to recycling through the achievement of this milestone,” says RecycleSmart’s Chief Executive Officer, Giorgio Baracchi. “We look forward to continuing our work with Randwick City Council and its residents to make recycling convenient and accessible for everybody.”

How does RecycleSmart work?

RecycleSmart offers a convenient, user-friendly approach to recycling. Residents can book a Power Pickup in just 3 clicks from the app or website, leave their bag of recyclables at their door, and then a local driver will come and make sure every item is sent to the right processing facility to be recycled.

Residents can subscribe to a monthly Power Pickup for FREE (up to two bags per month) or book an on-demand pickup for $2 per bag.

The problem this partnership aims to address.

For years, Australia has had a large landfill problem, and it’s not going away. Did you know that only 18% of single-use plastics are recovered from recycling? Another 11% leak directly into the environment, mostly ending up in oceans. When it comes to residential waste, a whopping 20% of what goes into a red bin should actually be recycled.

The change is up to us. RecycleSmart creates a fun, fresh and tech-driven experience that draws people in and makes it easy to learn to embrace recycling as a habit. 

“We are here to change the way people feel about recycling so they recycle more things, more often. We achieve that by making recycling digital, fun and easy. We believe recycling should be something you look forward to doing.” says Giorgio Baracchi, CEO and Co-founder of RecycleSmart.

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