Have you considered making the switch from disposable plastic nappies to their cloth counterparts? It’s something that a lot of eco-friendly mums consider, but many are put off by the perceived effort (and yuck factor).

Luckily, Woollahra Council is running a totally free mythbusting workshop on the subject later this month as part of Plastic Free July.

“A lot of parents think using cloth nappies is too hard, that they leak and that they’re too expensive,” says facilitator Alice Henchion of Nappy Lane.

But the key thing to know, she says, is that these aren’t your grandparents’ cloth nappies. The modern versions are just as easy to put on as disposables, with velcro and studs replacing the need for cumbersome safety pins and folding. They also include reusable liners, which can be emptied straight into the toilet, massively reducing the aforementioned yuck factor.

Aside from being good for the environment, cloth nappies can also save you money. While each disposable nappy might only cost around 8c, you will have used 6,000 of them by the time your baby is toilet trained. A set of cloth nappies saves the average family $1,380 in the first few years of their child’s life.

“You can easily get started with a trial pack before you jump in and get a full set,” says Alice. “There are also options like secondhand nappies and nappy libraries.”

The workshop will go through everything you need to know about cloth nappies in 2022, from changing while out and about to troubleshooting leaks, getting the right fit to recommended brands.

The Modern Cloth Nappy Workshop takes place on July 28 at Woollahra Libraries Double Bay. It’s free, but bookings are essential.