Hi. My name is Verity. I am a 38 year old mum of 1. Originally from the UK I flew over for a job in Melbourne 8 years ago. It was supposed to be a 2 year adventure but like so many people I met my future husband (who is from Scotland) and here I am settled in South Coogee with Conrad and my 2 year old Angus.


Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

6 years (Paddington for 4 and South Coogee for 2).

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

Sociable, beautiful and vibrant

How many children?

1 (Angus, he has just turned 2)

Favourite Park?

Centennial. So much to do. I used to go horse riding in there and to the open air cinema. Lately we have been taking Angus on long walks and ventured out on the family bikes when my sister came over for a visit with her kids! Very fun!

Favourite Beach?

Coogee. Not only beautiful but has a real village vibe.

Favourite kids friendly cafe?

Coogee Pav. The play area at the back is a life saver when it rains!

Favourite Coffee Spot?

Too many to choose from but will go anywhere in 5 ways in Paddington.

Favourite date night place?

Again, so many to choose from but Chester Whites in Potts Point is a cosy little place with fantastic pasta!

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to go?

We have spent time in most of the eastern suburbs but probably the least in Bondi! Will make the effort to go there more often. So many good cafes and restaurants .

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

Public transport. It would be great if the beaches like Coogee were better connected and the tram could come further down.

Favourite Local Shop?

Cargo in Coogee. Great for little gifts aswell s a last minute outfit or jewellery.

Favourite wet weather location?

Used to be drinking red wine in the Lord Dudley in Woollahra. These days it’s the play area in the back of the Coogee with Angus

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

Coastal walk, Angus riding bike along Coogee promenade or more recently  Catching ferry from Rose Bay to Watsons Bay…….Angus loves it!

Work or SAHM?

I work in the product development team at Woolworths. I love my job, especially my team. So many interesting people there and it’s a really creative role.

I also have a side business with my amazing and talented friend Cally. We love baking and have launched a brand called Dough on Demand. We produce high quality pies and cookies at the moment. They are either super healthy or super indulgent….never mediocre. We are on a mission to help people feel better about eating the food they LOVE! We sell online but also now sell in Maloneys which is really special as we LOVE meeting the local community and sharing our products.

Motherly advice?

Put yourself out there and embrace the amazing, friendly network in the Eastern  Suburbs. Being away from my family in the UK it was hard to have my first baby 2 years ago. I joined a local mums group, went to play groups and connected with my neighbours. Angus and I are now surrounded by super caring people which just makes life better and both of us really happy!

Dough on Demand website: www.doughondemand.com.au

Dough on Demand Instagram:doughondemand_


8 Individual cookie doughballs 

Airfry in 10 mins

All Butter and Couveture Chocolate

Pot Pies

Calorie/Carb Controlled

3 Serves of Veg

36g+ Protein

Airfry in 10 mins