My name is Sophie Morgan and I moved to Bondi in November 1999. I have volunteered at North bondi surf club since 2001. I finished my 10 years of patrol two days before my second child was born! I taught bronze medallion for 8 years, started the weekly beach biathlon, drove the IRB, organised the parties and competed mainly on the surf ski. It was my community and life outside work and before I had children. Then I had to give up my job as export manager at Running Bare as I couldn’t travel when I had a baby so I started a kayak business from andrew boy Charlton pool in 2009. I was the first person to do kayak tours on Sydney harbour and still teach technique, run regular fun fitness sessions and kayak tours to Sydney opera house. Paddling and photography are my passions so I love showing people Sydney from the water and sharing my passion with others. I love taking families with children as young as 2 out on the harbour and from age 8, children can paddle themselves. It’s the best family photo and a beautiful and memorable way to spend a morning and experience Sydney at its best.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I have lived in North Bondi for 24 years.

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?




How many children?

3 children 

Favourite Park:

I love the Botanical gardens because they are quiet and it doesn’t feel like you are in a city. There is so much to explore with beautiful vistas out onto the water, eels in the ponds, bats in the trees, butterflies in the flowers, diversity of flora and fauna and some history hidden amongst the trees.

Favourite Beach:

My favourite has to be Bondi beach as I love its eclectic nature. I love all the beaches in the eastern suburbs for their own special qualities, each has something to love. For me, bondi has lots of diversity and I love that- it is a beautiful bay to swim, soft sand and long enough to run without having to do hundreds of laps, fun to surf on a few different banks for different levels of experience with enough space on the beach for everyone without being on top of each other on a hot summers day.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Sorry I don’t know. I don’t go to cafes with or without my kids!! The depot in north bondi, around the corner from me, seems very popular and I’ve heard Shuk is great.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

At home.

Favourite date night place:

I don’t really go on dates but a lovely place I went to a few times is “Vans” in clovelly. It’s small, cosy, intimate with delicious food.

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to ?

I’m an explorer, water and nature lover and used to own a motorbike so I’ve been to lots of places in the East. One walk I have yet to do with my kids is South Maroubra around to Malabar so that’s on my list!

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

Kindness and gratitude 

Favourite Local Shop:

Sunburnt Mess (surf shop) in North bondi

Favourite wet weather location: 

Feeling close to nature by wrapping up and going on a walk along the beachfront, getting soaked and blowing the cobwebs away. Looking at the wild surf and not feeling like you are in a city as no one else is as crazy as you to be out so it’s quiet. 

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

Kayaking on Sydney harbour 

Work or SAHM?

I run my own business and also fully responsible for my 3 children as a single mother with 100% care. I’m a SAHWM!

Motherly advice?

Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Giving your child a hug when they/ you/ both are angry is the best form of resolution.

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