Mondays Local Mum Sally Belcher

Where and how long have you lived in Sydneys east:

I moved to Sydney’s East from Melbourne about 6 years ago to be with my boyfriend (now husband). I lived in Vaucluse for most of that time and then moved to North Bondi earlier this year.

How many children:

I have a 2-year-old son Orlando and I am pregnant with our 2nd due in December 2018


Favourite Park:

Number 1 is Lyne Park in Rose Bay. Great play equipment and bonus points for the surrounding entertainment of Sea Planes, Boats and the Ferries (and coffee at MOC)

Close 2nd is our little local O’Donnell St playground in North Bondi, also a gem. So good for under 5s!

Favourite Beach:

North Bondi! You’ll find us there most mornings in Summer. We get down there nice and early before the crowds. It is so beautiful to sit on the Grassy Knoll in the morning sun. I’d have to say its one of my favourite places in the world

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

We love going to Lox Stock and Barrel as a family. They have THE most amazing sandwiches and Salads (and desserts). They also have a kid’s menu. It gets busy, but is well worth the wait

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Shuk in North Bondi. It’s our local and happens to be at the end of our street – A little dangerously close with their delicious pastries and breads!

Favourite date night place:

Raw Bar in Bondi I think has the best Japanese in Sydney, as well as a great atmosphere and they always have amazing music. A warm summer’s night sitting outside watching Bondi wind down for the night is perfect for me.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

As a family, some local ‘Day Outs’ we love are Centennial Park Wild Play, trips to the Zoo and recently the Bondi Winter Magic Ferris Wheel was a hit!

A day out for me alone; I am in bliss having ‘Me time’ getting my hair done at Nordik in Rose Bay, or simply having a facial at Face+ in Bondi. They know how to make you feel pampered. Its now the simple pleasures in life.

Favourite Local Shop:

I love browsing the Gould St strip, I couldn’t pick just one!

In terms of frequency, one would be forgiven for thinking my favourite shop is Parisi or Coles (Even with my attempts to be organised and do 1 weekly shop, I somehow end up here most days)

Favourite wet weather location:

We enjoy ‘Rhyme Time’ at Watsons Bay Library on a Thursday, rail hail or shine. Double Bay Library is also a fantastic wet day option with lots to entertain the kiddies.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Morning walk to grab coffee or breakfast at Shuk. Then spend a sunny morning at North Bondi paddling in the baby pool and relaxing on the grassy knoll with friends. We pass by Bondi markets on our way home to pick up some fresh fruit, veggies and treats. I love having family and friends over to our place for a relaxed afternoon BBQ at home with some good music. That would be my perfect day!

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

I haven’t explored many of the smaller harbour beaches around Vaucluse and Watsons Bay. It’s something I plan to do each summer and haven’t yet made it. I’d love to explore them!

Work or SAHM:

I own Rose Bay Podiatry and work 3 days a week. It’s the PERFECT balance for me and I feel I am very lucky being in an appointment based occupation that I can be flexible with when I work. Along with having a wonderful team that run the place whilst I am not there. I will take some time off once I have the baby.

Motherly advice

I read a quote recently that I just loved,

“A mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low-self esteem”.

Which can also be extended to both parents and boys and girls.

The message being – love yourself, do what you love in life and being who you are demonstrates to your child how to do the same themselves.

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