Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I am a Kiwi but met my (Aussie) partner in London. We moved to Bondi about 7 years ago – we are in between the junction and the beach which suits us well!

How many children:

Two little firecracker daughters. Ivy is 5 and Charli is 2/12.  Ivy will be starting school in two weeks which is very exciting! I am looking forward to being part of the school community.

Favourite Park:

It would have to be Waverley Oval as it a short walk from our house and has everything, lovely café, playground, sports fields, and away from the road. Both girls have had birthday parties in the park and we usually spend a few hours in the weekend playing and drinking coffee!

Favourite Beach:

I started surfing last year so have been at North Bondi a lot – the kids also love the rock pools and it’s handy having the residents parking! The Bogey Hole at Bronte is also a favorite.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Probably the Waverley Kiosk in the park as it can’t really get any more kid friendly – the owner is lovely and they even have a biscuit jar for the little ones!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Definitely Bennett Street Dairy on the corner of Bondi Road and Bennett Street. Their coffee is the best, food delicious and service outstanding. If I have time without the girls this is where you will find me for lunch!

Favourite date night place:

Date nights are few and far between but we like to wander down Bondi Road toward the beach and decide on the way. Last date night was Bondi Trattoria for yummy pasta, a sit on the beach and then takeaway Messina for a movie at home.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Definitely a visit to the beach. My partner is into any kind of fishing and trying to introduce Ivy to snorkeling so she can go spear fishing with him. I would love the girls to learn to surf and be confident in the ocean so any time at the beach is great.

Favourite Local Shop:

Even though I haven’t actually been into the new Mister Zimi in Bondi, they are a favorite of mine so will go with that!

Favourite wet weather location:

I have to admit my heart sinks when it rains as we are in a small apartment and tend to go a bit crazy if we don’t get out… We do visit Australia Museum quite a lot which the girls love.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Meeting up with friends, if it’s the weekend going to Bondi Farmer’s Market for some yummy food and shopping. Keeping with the kids happy with a playdate or two!

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

We would like to do some of the walks around now that Charli doesn’t have to be in the pram. We recently discovered Fred Hollows Reserve which was lovely.

Work or SAHM:

I am a stay at home mum but have started a face painting business Wild Faces Face Painting. I started painting Ivy’s face a few years ago and slowly became more serious about it – buying all the professional paints and brushes and attending classes etc. It has just grown and I absolutely love it – a simple thing like face painting makes kids so happy which makes the parents happy – and me happy too! I am excited to keep growing the business and spreading the face painting joy, and it’s not just for the kids. I painted at an adults Christmas party and they loved it (and sat very still for me), I think it made some of them feel like kids again actually!

Motherly advice :

Be kind to yourself, being a mum is hard work! Make some great mum friends, they are the best.




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