Hi, I’m Mandy, and have been living in the Eastern Suburbs since 2007 when we first immigrated to Sydney. I arrived in Sydney with my husband Gary, 32 weeks pregnant with our first little girl. Since 2007, our little family has grown into a family of 4 beautiful children and are still lucky enough to call the Eastern Suburbs our home. 

I am a Qualified Speech Pathologist and chose to focus my skills in Paediatric Feeding. After qualifying as a speech pathologist, I furthered my studies in Paediatric Feeding at Manchester University in the UK and since then have continued to attend multiple courses to ensure I am up to date with all the new research and therapy methods. I have been working in Paediatric Feeding for the past 22 years and over the years helped hundreds of babies and children with feeding difficulties. Initially, I worked in hospitals and then in 2012 after having my 3rd child I opened my own private practice at The Children’s Clinic, in Bondi Junction. My husband and I are both lucky enough to have practices in the Eastern Suburbs, Gary is a dentist in Edgecliff and I have my Paediatric Feeding practice up the road from him, in Bondi Junction. I am passionate about the work that I do and love being able to help and support babies, children, and their families along their feeding journey. I work with a range of feeding difficulties including;

– Babies with breast/bottle feeding difficulties, 

-Difficulties starting solids and progressing onto age-appropriate textures

-Difficulties with chewing and swallowing food

-Fussy eating and mealtime behaviours

-Behavioural feeding difficulties

-Tube feeding

-Medical, sensory and behavioural related feeding difficulties.

I love being a mum to my beautiful children, while still loving the work that I do. I feel that having children and experiencing their feeding journeys, which all differed, gave me further insight into how much support parents need when it comes to feeding their children. After participating in mother’s groups with my children, I realised that there are so many parents out there that don’t have the support or have nowhere to go to get advice when it comes to their baby’s and children’s feeding. I feel that having these experiences have helped me understand parenting from the other side and how much I can offer new parents. 

I have so much passion for the work that I do and strive to educate professionals on Paediatric feeding and help support children with feeding difficulties, and their families. 

Besides being a mum and a feeding therapist, I’m obsessed with running. I love the mental challenge of running a marathon and there is no better or more beautiful place to run that the Eastern suburbs. I have chosen a life of health and fitness and hope to be a role model of health and fitness for my 3 daughters and son.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s East?

When we first immigrated to Australia in 2007, we lived in Coogee for 2 years. In 2009, I was pregnant with my 2nd child, and we moved to North Bondi.

What its like to live in the Eastern Suburbs?

Family orientated, safe, beautiful.

How many children?

I have 3 daughters, they are 16, 14 and 11 years old, and I have a 4-year-old little boy.

Favourite Park?

Bondi Beach Park and Lyne Park have been the favourites in our family for the past 16 years. My older kids have obviously grown out of parks, but when they were little and now with my son we love that there is so much for them to do at those parks. From the sandpits to the musical instruments and flying fox, they never get bored.

Favourite Beach

Bondi Beach is our local area as we live up the road. There is also always a vibe at Bondi and easy access to food.

Favourite Kids friendly café

Archies in Dover Heights is great as there is space for the kids to play while we are eating. It’s a bonus that the food is also delicious.

Favourite Coffee spot

I love Shuk as it’s a few doors down from our home. The coffee is great, and the staff are so friendly.

Favourite Date night place

We love Soy in Bondi or Wagyuto in Clovelly

Where in the East have you yet to explore

There are so many little hidden beaches that we are yet to explore.

What would you like to see improve in the Eastern Suburbs

More child friendly restaurants and more things to do on a rainy day.

Favourite Local shop

I love walking along Gould and Hall Street in Bondi. I love the shops and the whole vibe of the shops there.

Favourite wet weather location

Home, watching movies with my kids.

Favourite family weekend activity

Walking through Bondi markets and spending the day at Bondi beach

Work or SAHM

I personally need to work as I love the work that I do and feel fulfilled after a day at work. I need the stimulation and think that I would be bored staying at home without having my practice to go to. I feel like I have the perfect balance as I work while my children are at school and I’m available for them when they get home.

Motherly advice

I think the most important thing is to follow your gut instinct. I really do believe that mother’s intuition is something real. I see so many mothers/parents coming in who have been struggling with their child’s feeding, however their medical professionals have brushed them off telling them that they are stressing for nothing. Down the line, most of these mum’s land up seeing me at a later stage and they all say they wish they followed their gut and found help earlier. There is no need to stress alone and to try and solve feeding difficulties on your own. 

The last bit of advice is to never compare your children to each other and most importantly never compare your child to someone else’s child. Every child is different, and every child has strengths and weaknesses. By comparing we tend to focus and hold onto our child’s weakness rather than focusing on their strengths.

For more information about Mandy-Lee Adno Paediatric Feeding Specialist, visit: www.sydneyfeedingspecialist.com.au