Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

5 years. Previously Vaucluse and have recently moved to Double Bay.

How many children:

I have one little boy. He is 2 1/2

Favourite Park:

We love Lyne park, Rose bay. It’s shaded, and lots for the kids to do.

Favourite Beach:

Nielsen park/beach. We grab breaky and have a swim.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

The Pavillion in Coogee. It’s great for families and kids of all ages.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

The Gourmand. I loooove the coffee and the staff are like family, they have even watched my son while I eat/chat and sip my coffee.

Favourite date night place:

Sake or Vine in Double Bay. Not only do I love the food but it feels great to dress up, especially when your in casual gear all week due to contouring your body in odd positions to fetch your toddler!! and you must be in comfy clothes for that! hahaha also to have a cocktail and adult conversation in a buzzing environment.

Favourite Mother’s Group Location:

I’m not in a mothers group, but I love meeting up with my girlfriends at the Dunbar house. It’s beautiful, great food, not too pricey, and you can have some champagne and go to the beach after to clear your busy mind.

Favourite wet weather location:

home with activities or a play date at someone else’s house until I find a great easy place to go to. Still searching.

Work or SAHM:

I am a working mum. I own and run, it is an organic, luxury online baby product company.

Motherly advice :

Not too worry so much about milestones! All kids are different and comparing one to the other is stressful for the mum and the child. Not saying to ignore any serious signs but I myself am learning to ease up and just enjoy my child at whatever stage he’s at, and this has given me great freedom.

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