Monday Local Mum Stephanie Reuss

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I love the East and like so many people, appreciate it all the more because I grew up in Melbourne!

I moved from London to Rose Bay in 2008 – can you imagine? My commute went from grey tube hustle to spectacular ferry rides.

Thinking we were cool enough, we then moved to Surry Hills and ate our way through the incredible restaurants and cafes on our doorstep.

Kids are a cool-handbrake though and we’ve since moved to Bronte. Living the dream.

How many children:

3 kids: 1, 4 and 5. Our eldest has just started at Bronte Public, which is a whole new dimension of community. Love it.

The smaller ones are at Reddam ELS – such a beautiful school, the teachers are amazing.

Favourite Park:

Bronte Park is my fave as the roads are far enough away for me to relax! Queens Park is awesome too, mostly because of it’s gate.

Favourite Beach:

Love Clovelly and Parsley Bay for a relaxing day at the beach, Bronte pool for swimming and North Bondi for their kids pool.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

It’s hard to beat Coogee Pavilion, but we do love the chickens and garden at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte! Nubo in Alexandria is an awesome new space too.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Ruby’s Diner Pick up there with Hey You every weekday! And sit down for breaky for a treat.

Favourite date night place:

Love keeping it local. For food and romance, it’s Moxhe in Bronte which do great seafood or Bronte Road Bistro. I’m a sucker for Vacanza Pizza though…

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Love just keeping it local and chill – walking down to Bronte beach and park for an early swim and play, then watching my husband push a pram with 3 kids,
5 towels, the swimming bag, buckets, spades etc etc all the way back up the hill. Heroic!

Favourite Local Shop:

This is tough. Iggy’s for bread and coffee by donation on Sunday mornings… the gorgeous duo Tribe Beauty & Peache Rose for Hair for me time… The Design Hunter for dreaming of a beautiful life!

Favourite wet weather location:

If no-one else knows it’s raining, then Coogee Pavilion.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Hanging out with my fam, and friends big and small. Enjoying the slower pace which living near the beach brings. It’s the simple things I love on the weekends.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

All the stretches of the coastal walk which cannot be done with pram in tow… dreaming of the day!

Work or SAHM:

A bit of both – working school hours four days a week.

Work or SAHM: A bit of both – working school hours four days a week A bit of both!

After being on the full on Corporate career track and realising it is very difficult to maintain with kids, I started to look for part-time options which fitted with my experience. There weren’t any. Fast forward to now… I founded Beam Australia ( with my business partner and our whole reason for being is to find wonderful, career worthy PART-TIME professional roles for people who are looking for more work-life balance.

Lots of the parents we meet are either looking to get back into work, having been home with their kids or on mat leave; or they are drowning in a full-time role and looking for more time with their families and to manage their lives!

We’ve been really encouraged by the incredible organisations who realise this is some of the best talent in Australia. And the people coming to us looking for roles inspire us every day to keep finding more and more roles. So hopefully this question will soon become ‘Work, SAHM or both?’!

Motherly advice:

Gosh it would be irresponsible for me to give parenting advice!

I love seeing all the parents around our neighbourhood and they are always 150% more on top of things than me.

Such a lucky spot to live in with our families, these Eastern Suburbs.