Jessica Bragdon

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

We live in Woollahra and have lived in Sydney for the past three years. We moved from Perth, I am American and lived in NYC, Boston and New Hampshire.

How many children:

2 boys ages 6 and 4

Favourite Park:

Cooper Park for its jungle like atmosphere and those giant prehistoric ferns, it feels as if dinosaurs should still be prowling about.

Favourite Beach:

This is hard to choose but I would say Camp Cove or Bondi Beach

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

The Grounds of Alexandria or Queens Park Shed, which is very convenient to the playground area. 

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Sonoma,  my twin sister lives in Sonoma California so even the name makes me happy.

Favourite date night place:

We enjoy dining out in so many of Sydney’s wonderful restaurants, often with friends. We like to attend the opera.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Taking our boys to Parlsey Bay Reserve or Kutti Beach. I also enjoy visiting any botanical garden

Favourite Local Shop: 

Bondi Health Emporium

Favourite wet weather location:

Spending time at Double Bay Library followed by Sushi Train.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

I would say an early run, yoga class or beach workout then a drive along the coast to explore the natural parks with the boys.

Visiting  Carriage Works as they always have such progressive and interesting exhibitions. A stop by the White Rabbit Gallery a brilliant art space. Finally dinner with my husband Paul at 10 William Street in Paddington.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

I haven’t scuba dived in ten years but I would love to renew my dive license and explore underwater.

Work or SAHM:

Motherhood is such a transformation with so many challenges and considerations.

The balance of work and children is so complex. I hope that my boys, if they become parents, will have access to a better support system than what is currently offered to families in Australia and America.

We started Koala Eco because we wanted to find safe, affordable, chemical-free cleaning products with beautiful fragrance from essential oils not synthetics that were also powerful and worked. We wanted to be able to clean our house without holding our breath and worrying what was misting down onto our children’s heads, toys, toothbrushes, etc.

Our products are made with Australian essential oils and 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-derived ingredients. Australian has an abundance of potent and distinctive flora not found anywhere else in the world. In many cases the essential oils we source have been part of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia for thousands of years. Koala Eco uses high concentrations of potent essential oils, so that our cleaners not only work with the full force of nature but also leave homes as aromatic as the Australian bushland.

We have reason every day to appreciate the natural beauty of our planet. It’s become important for us to find ways to help nurture and preserve that gift for present and future generations.

Each time you buy a Koala Eco product, we donate to the charity ”One Percent for the Planet” to assist in the ongoing protection of land, forests, rivers and oceans. All of our bottles are made with 100% recyclable PET and our freight uses recycled packing material.

Motherly advice:

I studied studied psychology in college and graduate school. I have a tendency to pile parenting books here and there, though I am often too exhausted to read them in a timely manner.

There is such an intensity, fierce love, and high energy with these boys of ours and I cherish being wrapped in it all.

I also think kindness and respect for siblings as well as others must be taught. I want my boys to grow into men who relate to women as equals.

My basic philosophy regarding parenting in a nutshell, is just this. Show children they are loved and understood, set some reasonable boundaries, and try to remain calm.