Mondays Local Mum - Elka Whalan

Each week we meet a local eastern suburb mum to hear about her tips and life in Sydney’s east. This week meet Elka Whalan from Woollahra.


Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I’ve been in the east for 5 years now. 3 different places all within 200mtrs of each other ha!. All in Woollahra and recently just moved into OUR house 2 months ago. I’ve come from the northern beaches so it’s a big change but I’m so settled here and love the life we’ve created for our little family.

How many children:

3 amazing little troops and we hope to have more

Nevada our girl is 5years

Edison our son is 4 years

Presley our youngest son is 2years

It’s the best role I’ve ever taken on

Favourite Park:

We have a favourite but I can’t give it away hahah we call it a UTR (un tapped resource) ha, we do love the small one in Paddington Union St it’s enclosed (always what I require) and is small safe and fun, plus it has swings which both the boys love.

Favourite Beach:

Red Leaf in Double Bay is so special and we can all swim since there are no waves and you cannot go past Bronte. Early morning walks with our little team, breakfast at 7am at their cafes there so we don’t offend anyone with the noise 3 young children create and the Bronte-Bondi walk at that time is not busy at all. Just delightful.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Duck Duck Goose Cafe is the best in Randwick! Also a big fan of Bake Bar in Double Bay next to Woolies all run by Italians who adore our children and we love their accents !

Favourite Coffee Spot:

At our house, we have a commercial coffee machine so both my husband and I love buying fresh beans and do it ourselves. Otherwise I love Spicer Cafe just off Queen St they make their own nut milk!

Favourite date night place:

Chiswick! We sit at the same table and have a blast.

Favourite Mother’s Group Location:

Always changing and mixing it up. Recently we had high tea it was a real treat

Favourite Local Shop:

Queen St Deli, great fresh organic food and the children love their baguettes

Favourite wet weather location:

Little Dynamos is a winner, also so is home playing cubby houses haha

Work or SAHM:

I’ve recently started a platform called QUEENHOOD For the woman who knows her worth. Bringing together women empowering, encouraging and sharing what we all do daily. I’m planning to launch in the next few months and its exciting with events and great content.

Just like this Eastern Suburbs Mums the power of bringing women together is so strong and the movement of mumpreneurs is huge.

We have capacity to do so much and a kind, positive and uplifting word from woman to woman is the best affirmation we can receive! I want women to be around a dream team of women!

Motherly advice :

You’ll never receive so much motherly advice in your life. So be wise of what to let in your head and what to let out! You’re the best mother for your children remember that!


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