Elise Peck

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

We have lived in Sydney’s east for a little over 4.5yrs now. We moved from Melbourne, where both my husband & I grew up, and we knew very little about Sydney before we relocated. It all happened very quickly, and now we can’t imagine calling anywhere else home, we absolutely love it here: paradise found. We originally moved to Woollahra where we lived for 1yr, before moving to Vaucluse where we have been since. We love Vaucluse!

How many children:

One beautiful toddler, 21 month old Issy, who is the joy to our world & a little ray of sunshine.

Favourite Park:

Oooh this one is tough because we have lots of favourites and we are so spoilt for choice with all the parks in the eastern suburbs. Issy & I get to the park about twice most days and we mix it up. I do love the park at Bronte Beach, but I also love the park at Parsley Bay. Hard to choose…. but perhaps Parsley Bay is winning ever so slightly at the moment for us. It’s so handy being able to swap easily between the playground, then the beach, then back to the playground at Parsley Bay.

Favourite Beach:

Fave beach is Bronte. I love the energy down there. There’s something about Bronte that I find very grounding & calming. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on the sand at Bronte, staring at the waves, and letting a calm wash over me. It also was my go-to place during pregnancy. I would float in the rock-pool or the ocean pool to take the weight & heat off my pregnant body, which was perfect for getting through third trimester during a hot hot summer. When I was ‘overdue’ with Issy, the anticipation all got a bit much for me one day and my midwife sent me down to Bronte to stare at the waves & calm my mind… it did wonders. I also spent my ‘due date’ at Bronte, and I’ve shared many special moments with Issy & my husband down there too. So it holds a special place in my heart.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

I don’t think this is very well known…. but there’s a little courtyard out the back of Lox Stock & Barrel in Bondi, that is quite often empty, even on a busy weekend when there’s a queue for tables, and it is perfect for Issy (toddlers) to run around & explore while we eat some delicious brunch. There’s no table service out in the courtyard, which I think might be why it’s always empty, but it’s so easy to pop in & order, then eat out in the courtyard while Issy can run around & explore. The food is fantastic too!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

I only drink coffee around once every 2-3months… but I do love a cacao based Elixir or Kombucha on tap or Smoothie from Orchard St in North Bondi: amazing!! The chocolate is incredible too, as is the coconut based ice-creams they have at the moment, heaven! Everything is delicious, and good for you!

Favourite date night place:

We don’t really do date nights. Even when it was just the two of us (before Issy was born), we never called anything a date night, we just did everything together and sometimes that involved eating out together… I guess everything was a date? When we first started dating 11yrs ago we might have called things ‘a date’… but it’s been a very long time since we’ve called anything a date.

Now that we have Issy, she comes along to everything, she’s always either with one of us or both of us. It works for us, and we all love it that way. For our recent wedding anniversary, the three of us went out to dinner to SOL Botanica in Vaucluse, and it was absolutely fantastic!! Not only was the menu beautiful, clean food, with options such as dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free etc, plus all sourced locally & even grown on-site, but there was also the most beautiful little garden that Issy could explore and run around in-between courses. We had such a wonderful night!

If you could have a day alone in the eastern suburbs what would you do for yourself?

I would start off with a meditation watching the sunrise over the cliffs in Vaucluse, then head down to Icebergs for a yoga class with Yoga by The Sea, followed by a delicious breakfast of treats from Orchard St. Then I’d head for a swim at Bronte pool. I’d relax on the beach with a good book or audio-book. I’d grab a delicious lunch from Broth Bar & Larder – Star Anise Organic Wholefoods. I’d then head back to Vaucluse and walk along the coast-line, along the cliffs looking out to the ocean from Dover Heights to Watsons Bay and back. Then I would watch the sunset over the beach at Camp Cove. How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful part of the world!?

Favourite Local Shop:

I think Orchard St or About Life at Double Bay are my favourites. I buy most of my fashion online (my husband works at an online fashion retailer, which does also stock local brands). So my favourite stores are related to health, wellbeing, good fuel for the body: and Orchard St & About Life tick all those boxes! I visit both frequently.

Favourite wet weather location:

I haven’t figured this one out yet, so I mostly stay home or we rug up and head to the park in the rain to play in puddles. Definitely not Westfield Bondi Junction… that is hectic on a rainy day, I’ve made that mistake one too many times.

Work or SAHM:

Work at Home Mum!! Really a Stay at Home Mum that works when my daughter is asleep though. The only work I do when she is awake is post on social media or answer quick text messages… but the actual ‘work’ is done at night once she’s asleep. I run my own business empowering people to live healthier lives utilising therapeutic grade essential oils, and also mentor others to launch and run their own essential oil businesses too. I hold essential oil workshops, sharing how to make essential oil infused raw, healthy chocolate, how to make homemade, pure, nasty-free beauty & skincare products, how to decrease the toxic load in your home with essential oils, how to support emotions & mood with essentials oils, and more. I run those on weekends.

I used to run them during the week with Issy, but once she became old enough to want to explore, touch, hold, throw… everything, I started scheduling them only for the weekends when my husband can hang out with Issy while I run the workshops.

Motherly advice :

I believe motherhood can be the biggest spiritual journey and evolution of your soul, if you allow it to be. Motherhood for me has taught me what it truly means to surrender & accept of what is, to let go of expectations, to be present, to enjoy the moment, to embrace the moment for it is so fleeting, to connect in with my intuition and my baby’s intuition, and to let our mother-child bond, connection and intuition be louder & stronger than outside ‘noise’.

My relationship with my child means more to me than what anyone else thinks, so I let that guide me. I’ve also learnt that motherhood is SO much easier when you eat good food, get lots of sunshine, move, meditate and take care of your own health. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since Issy was born, but I have lots of energy & feel vibrant because I take care of my health.

So my 5 tips for Mum Health are:

1. Take time out to be alone every single day. Even just 10-15mins has been a game-changer for me. I head down to the ocean of a morning, pop on a guided meditation and state at the water for 15mins. It has had a major, positive impact on my mindset and my mothering.

2. Fuel up with good food. Your gut health actually has a huge impact on your happiness!! So I include lots of great things for gut health, including: bone broth, kombucha & gelatin gummies (which I make using Sarah Wilson’s gelatin & recipe).

3. Support your mood & emotions with therapeutic grade essential oils. This has been another game-changer for me. I use grounding, balancing blends when I’m feeling nervous, worried or anxious, I use reassuring blends when I’m feeling rage-y (and hormonal blends), and I use uplifting blends when I’m feeling flat. I wear them as perfume’s and I diffuse them through the home, and they have been such a huge help in supporting my moods & therefore being able to better support my toddler through her big emotions because I’m feeling more centred in myself. You can find out more about therapeutic grade essential oils from me, I’d love to hear from you.

4. Move. Old news, but will never go out of fashion. Nothing shifts & lifts my mindset more than a walk in the sunshine! Or if it’s raining, we pop on some tunes and dance around the home, the more wild the moves, the better! Guaranteed mood lifter.

5. The great outdoors: we are so so lucky with this stunning coastline, and also so many amazing parks to choose from and the beautiful harbour beaches too. Fresh air, salt water, sunshine: nature’s miracle workers!


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