Danielle Selinger

Each week we feature a local eastern suburb mum, this week meet Danielle.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I grew up in Bondi and Rose Bay and I now live in Maroubra

How many children:

I have 2 children. My daughter Hannah is 8.5 years and my son David is about to turn 6

Favourite Park:

Snape Park in Maroubra. It offers something for everyone, our 1 year old Cavoodle loves to run in Snape Park and our children enjoy the Children’s playground.

Favourite Beach:

Coogee Beach. It has wonderful restaurants and cafes. The beach is great in summer to swim with the kids.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Verge Cafe in Maroubra makes great Baby Cino’s and the kids love the pancakes too. They also offer an outside seating area, and bring out water for our puppy who can also enjoy being with the family in the sunshine too.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Indigo Cafe in Double Bay has great coffee and it’s easy to grab a quick coffee on the way to the office.

Favourite date night place:

We don’t get out very often but when we do we enjoy going to the movies – we even treat ourselves to Gold Class this adds to the relaxation. We enjoy the Spot in Randwick, especially The Spanish Fly – they have Tapas and shared plates so we can enjoy different variety of foods.

Favourite Mother’s Group Location:

When our children were little we enjoyed spending time in Bondi Junction on the very big rug outside Max Brenner’s Cafe. On beautiful summer days we would lather the kids with sunscreen and go down to Maroubra Beach Park to play on the swings and hang out at the waters edge jumping the waves

Favourite Local Shops:

I shop at least 3 times a week to ensure all our fruit and veggies are fresh. I typically shop in Coles and my local green grocer.

Favourite wet weather location:

When it’s wet and rainy outside we all like to spend the day in our Pyjamas and enjoy a movie with Popcorn and chips. Kids love this and it’s a very special family treat.

Work or SAHM:

When my kids were little I only worked two days a week, now that both children are full time at school I enjoy working four days each week. My one day off is always running around or helping out at the school for “hot dog day” or excursions. I have a passion for travel and have spent the last 27 years helping many people arrange their perfect honeymoon, week-end escape, business travel just to name a few. My four days are spent in Double Bay in a wonderful travel agency called Travel Phase

Motherly advice :

When I first became a mum, I was told kids grow so quickly – so relax and enjoy every moment. This is so true, enjoy all the moments, the cuddles and giggles because before too long they grow up.

I love being a mum and I enjoy hearing all about their days at school and sometimes they even ask mum – How was your day ?


For travel information contact Danielle at Travel Phase in Double Bay