Danielle Wakerman

This week we meet Bondi mum and children’s book author Danielle Wakerman about her life in Sydney’s east and her great kids books.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I have lived here my whole life. Born in Dover Heights, and have moved as far as Bondi . I love my little corner of the world, people often laugh at me for being such a staunch bondi-ite

How many children:

One very cute little human. Amalia is 20 months old.

Favourite Park:

We love going to the park at Watsons Bay, its easy to park during the week and Amalia loves the equipment there, it’s also under cover and we often run into the water afterwards.

Favourite Beach:

well, of course it’s Bondi.

My favourite time in Bondi is early morning with the runners. I try and get down to the beach at sunrise alone for a run as often as possible and get a swim in before the day starts.

There is something about the Pacific Ocean that is medicinal. With a job and a new business there is little thinking time so i value this time.The north end is also guaranteed to provide a great day and an exhausted bub.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

I love my coffee, so this is important to me, but Coogee Pavilion is probably where i relax the most and still enjoy my coffee. Its complete chaos, but i love that mums are always looking out for everyone else’s kids while someone takes a minute to breathe!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

La Piadina in Glenayre Ave in Bondi.

I have been taking Amalia there everyday since we brought her home from hospital and it has fuelled me through many long nights . The people who go there are all coffee lovers and completely committed to the tiny Italian cafe and the beautiful people and coffee.

Favourite date night place:

 For date nights we prefer fun over fancy. We love Bario Chino in Bayswater Rd.

Favourite Mother’s Group Location:

We used to enjoy sitting behind the Bondi Pavillion amongst the trees. Sadly, gone are the days of my mothers group, but my girlfriends and i now with toddlers spend a lot of time swapping houses and toys and feeding each others children.

Favourite wet weather location:

Home. Amalia is going through a phase of asking to go home when she’s reached her limit. Sometimes we just come home and jump in the bath for the afternoon. Otherwise we love reading (obviously), and are determined to ensure Amalia loves it too, so we find ourselves often hidden in a library.

Work or SAHM:

Both. I am a Social worker at a Nursing Home in Randwick, and my husband I just launched our Jett Around the World children books 4 months ago – www.jettaroundtheworld.com .

This has kept me so busy and I’m still trying to find the perfect balance of being a mum, running a business and working 4 days. I love that when I drop Amalia at daycare she says, “mummy go to work”!

Motherly advice:

Healthy and Happy.. everything else is a bonus. I have learned more in 20 months than in 30 years, and for me it’s all about the safety of beautiful family and quality friends, and i am giving my daughter that in truck loads.

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