Documenting community art created during lockdown.

A new photo book showcases the artworks of hundreds of Paddington residents that transformed local shop windows into a community art exhibition during Sydney’s second lockdown.
The long weeks of lockdown in 2021 will be remembered in Paddington for the community art initiative #paddolockdownart that offered the opportunity for anyone to share and exhibit their art created during lockdown.
More than 400 Paddington residents — school children, art teachers and local artists — created 590 artworks which were exhibited in the windows of more than 30 businesses including shops, pubs, cafes, galleries, law firms, creative agencies, and vacant retail properties.
The new book #paddolockdownart — creating community art in lockdown was launched as part of a pop-up exhibition at Saint Cloche Art Gallery in Paddington that featured many of the artworks and also brought participating artists together for the first time.

#paddolockdownart initiator Barbara Gruber says the book documents how the streetscape of Paddington’s Five Ways was transformed into an open-air art gallery, and for many children in particular, the experience of going to the shops also meant seeing their own art on display in public for the first time.
The photo book was designed by Sylvia Weimer from the creative agency Spacelab and was made possible thanks to the support of a community revitalisation grant of Woollahra Council.
The book is a mix of photographs of the shop windows that exhibited the artworks as well as a selection of featured artworks. If you would like to flip through the photo book you can check it out here:
The limited edition book sold out within just a few days of the crowdfunding campaign, but you can still purchase a digital copy with all proceeds go towards funding future community art initiatives. Please email #paddolockdownart initiator Barbara Gruber
Credit Photos : Claudia Lowe