Anita Whittingham

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

My husband, Brett and I bought an apartment on Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, back in 2007. We absolutely love living in Bondi, it is paradise. Brett has lived in Bondi for over 20 years.

How many children:

We have a beautiful miracle rainbow baby, Isabella. She just turned 1. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives and are so grateful every day.

Favourite Park:

Bondi Beach park. I train 3-4 mornings a week with FitCollective there and take Bella along. She loves being outside and exploring with the other bubs.

Favourite Beach:

Bondi Beach. It took me 5 years living in Bondi to overcome my fear of sharks and learn how to surf. Then I became addicted. Even though I consider myself to be fairly sporty, surfing is the hardest sport I’ve ever tried and I’m still a beginner. Now I’m a member of the Bondi Girls Surfriders and I also coordinate the Bondi Surfing Mums (and dads).

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Shuk at North Bondi. Big call but they have the best salads in Bondi. Really nourishing and well balanced. I always add the lamb. Plus they have high chairs and an enclosed kids play area out the back.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

I don’t drink coffee but my favourite place to get a Tumeric latte is Nalini’s Wholesome Streetfood up at Bondi Junction. Plus I love their Cacao Berry smoothie, sweet potato mousse and icecream. It’s all probiotic and refined sugar free.

Favourite date night place:

We haven’t had a date night in over a year. Bella comes everywhere with us. I can’t wait to go back to Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills and have the degustation with matching wines….after Bella self weans.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Saturdays at the Bondi Farmers markets. We buy our fresh fruit & veggies from Rita’s farm then get a Bibimbap from MJ. It’s such a nice relaxed vibe there and we sit on the grass and relax in the sun whilst listening to live music and watch Bella run around.

Favourite Local Shop:

It’s a tie between Field to Fork & Scoop. We buy all our meat from Field to Fork. They are a friendly bunch and I love how it’s all quality grass fed beef, no hormones, etc and all their sausages are gluten free with no crap. It’s hard to walk past scoop without popping in for some raw cashews to make some bliss balls or a scoop of their chocolate covered berries & chocolate covered ginger. Yum!

Favourite wet weather location:

Hanging out at home and inviting friends and their bubba’s over for tea & healthy treats.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

A green lassi from Orchard Street then a surf at North Bondi with friends catching heaps of gentle beginner lefts coz I’m goofy. Followed by lunch at Shuk. Then some quality family time at either the O’Donnell st playground or the Bondi beach playground with Bella & Brett. Maybe an iced mylo float at Sadhana kitchen or some time in the kitchen experimenting with my essential oils. Bella then usually has an afternoon nap in my arms on my boob. But if this is my ideal day then she would fall asleep in Brett’s arms and transfer to the bed without waking so I could take my essential oils and go to yoga or treat myself to a massage.

Dinner on this ideal day would have to include an Ibiza roll from Bondi’s Best + the Pork Belly with Thai caramel, chilli & lime from China Diner.

Work or SAHM:

I am currently on maternity leave from my job as a high school maths teacher. I am still a teacher but now I teach people how to enhance their wellness and detoxify their lives using essential oils. I empower people with natural solutions. I have been discovering new uses for the oils everyday from cooking, cleaning and boosting my energy to managing stress and emotions. I am so excited to share these oils with others. I share ideas and info on how to create healthy habits on social media.

I love collaborating with others and am creating a Yoga with Essential Oils workshop with Shannon from FitCollectiv at the Dharma Shala. More info and tickets for this are through eventbrite

This business allows me to serve others and I am so grateful it gives me the flexibility to be able to spend every day with Bella so I can continue to breastfeed her until she self-weans, to comfort her through every leap and feed her to sleep even if that means I’m trapped holding her in my arms for 2-3 hours. My dream is to inspire other mums to lead healthy balanced lives.

Motherly advice:

It is possible to live a balanced life and be a fit and healthy mum. It is about creating healthy habits to make it easier for you to make smart choices. If you prioritise you & your families health and wellness then it’s easier to make decisions especially when you’ve had broken sleep for over a year.

Sometimes you need to surrender to the mess at home and that’s OK. All our babies develop and progress at different times. We just need to do what is right for our own family. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. Listen to your instincts and follow your heart. Cuddle your bubba as much as possible and respect them as they are tiny humans.

I would love to help you build your natural remedies kit to support you and your families health & wellness needs. Send me a message so we can connect and I can suggest what oils may suit your needs.

I’m pleased to offer to Eastern suburbs mums readers 50% off prebooked tickets to the Yoga with Essential oils workshop.

To take advantage of this special offer use the code: mums.

I look forward to showing you how essential oils can elevate your

energetic vibration at this workshop.