Monday Local Mum Maurisa Machuca

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I moved from the US (New Jersey) to Coogee in 2009, since then I have also lived in Maroubra and most recently Hillsdale after having my first child.

Three words to describe living in the eastern suburbs?

Sunshine, Cafes + Active Wear. Family Friendly

How many children: 1


Favourite Park:

Cromwell Park, Malabar

Favourite Beach:

Hard to choose as they are all so beautiful! Coogee or Little Bay would probably be my top 2.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Bik’s Café in Botany.They have amazing food that is beautifully presented and pretty good coffee too!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Coco Noir in Eastgardens, they have the same coffee as the Grounds of Alexandria and is a hot spot for new mums group meet ups.

Favourite date night place:

Big Poppa’s – Oxford Street.Amazing wine, great food, and 90’s R&B music playing in the background.How could you go wrong?

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

I play soccer for the Coogee Pumas – my favourite days are Sundays where I get to play soccer and have my family come watch , cheer me on, and hang out in the sunshine. Hopefully also inspire my son to play soccer as well when he is old enough!

Favourite Local Shop:

I’m a big fan of TK Maxx at South Point Shopping Centre in Hillsdale – amazing kids clothes for good prices!I also love candles and they have an amazing
selection as well.I probably come home with a candle a week to my husband’s dismay

Favourite wet weather location:

Westfield Eastgardens Mall, they have a great soft play area set up at the moment next to a café, so perfect to hang out on a rainy day with mum friends and bubs!

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs just for you?

I am a big fan of a bottomless brunch – so an ideal day would be doing that with a bunch of girlfriends (kids at home) at one of the many venues around the area.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

Malabar / Chifley area – I actually only discovered the park and beach in Malabar recently.The fact that the beach has a ramp for you to take your pram on is wonderful as well as the playground.

We also just recently attended a family day at the horse stables near Chifley where my son was able to ride a pony which was adorable!I would have never ventured out that way before so interested to know what else there is in the area.

Work or Stay at home parent?

I just recently was on maternity leave for a year so have been lucky enough to experience both.They both have their pro’s and con’s but I would have given anything to spend a couple more months’ home with bub before starting work.It goes so very quickly!

I do however enjoy being back at work, I am lucky enough to have a very good employer which allows me flexible work hours.I think it makes it that much more special at the end of the day being able to come home to your kids and see the smile on their face when you walk through the door (even if the smile lasts only a couple seconds before the mayhem begins!).

Motherly advice?

Do what works for you and never feel like how you are raising your children or the way your family operates is wrong or not up to the standards that someone
else makes.It is right for you and yours and that is all that matters.